BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 16 to Sept. 22 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Carolyn M. Watson and Craig L. Watson to David C. Ilett and Jeanette R. Ilett.

Margaret B. Cunningham Estate to Hinckley Cove Properties LLC.

Mary Anne Fennell Trust to Joseph Al-Khoury and Suzanne E. Hickman.

Julie Hilliard and Linda Ryan to Susan Ann Raab and William J. Raab, Jr.

Paula M. Johnson to Matthew Dykeman and Kirsten Michaud-Dykeman.

Joseph C. Allen, Ann E. Allen and Ann E. Roy to Beverly S. Francis, David J. Francis and Heather L. Francis.

Andrea H. Whyte to Whitney McCarthy and Jeffrey McCarthy.

Carolyn Whittman Gordon Revocable Living Trust to Elizabeth O’Herin Rugo Trust.


June E. Lackie Estate to Robert Romero Desjardin Jr.


Timber Ridge LLC to Bonnie L. Robert.

James Ginn and Linda Ginn to Jamie Fraser.


Deborah Clark Rice and Mark Waind Krawec to Suzanne Caporael.

Edward Collopy to Menloe Bjorn Waltheri and Leozero Lagertha Waltheri.

Donald A. Jr. and Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement to Cynthia F. Whitaker Living Trust.

Donald A. Durkee Jr., Linda G. Durkee and Donald A. Durkee to Cynthia F. Whitaker Living Trust.


Valerie Jean Martin Estate to Ryan T. Crowley and Regina M. Crowley.

Michael Greene to John Work and Jennifer Work.


Donald F. Labree to Maggie Karoff.


Joyce I. Mosher and Joyce Mosher to Arthur F. Mosher Jr.


Jean Michel Hetuin to Brendon J. Boyd and Krista J. Boyd.

Stanislaus Zdanuk and Corinne Zdanuk to Alden Monberg.


James A. Tripp Jr. and Cynthia R. Tripp to Nicholas J. Tripp and Sophia L. Tripp.

James A. Tripp Jr. and Cynthia R. Tripp to David W. Tripp.

Tammy L. Thomas to Christopher R. LaPointe.


Alexis L. Prescott to Dustin Reynolds and Cheyanne Stone.


John Blount and Jesus Cortez to Jose Castillo Jr.

Joseph D. Moser and Margaret A. Moser to James Smith and Addie Pelletier.

Thomas M. Larned to Ashlea Stares and Kirk Stares.

Maine A I LLC to Ashley B. Landry.


Dale A. McKenney and Pamela J. McKenney to Jacob McKenney and Crystal A. McKenney.

Ramona A. Potter Estate, Angiemarie Manter, Karrianne Potter-Maxwell, Richard Potter and Smitty Potter to Bryan L. Potter.

Erica L. Poulin and Benjamin Poulin to Anthony Holzhauser and Monica Buffington.


Town of Prospect to Gloria Boynton.


David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Skinner Properties LLC.

Skinner Properties LLC to Skinner Properties LLC.

Skinner Properties LLC to Skinner Properties LLC.

Skinner Properties LLC to Russell Ward.


Town of Stockton Springs to Michael Santerre and Crystal Kettell.

Melvin L. Schierman and Alexandra E. Schierman to Patricia Costa and Daniel T. Desmond.

Lindsay Knowlton to Beverly Anderson.

Lawrence S. Hawes to Victoria A. Turley.

Sundownes Property Development LLC to Michael Wyrick and Amanda Wyrick

John-Michael D. Payne, Brittany L. Payne and Brittany L. Bridgham to Mark A. Legel and Melissa A. Zelenkewich.

David Faunce to Terri Duncan and Tammie Duncan.


Samuel M. Violette to Virgil W. Thompson and Jennifer M. Thompson.

Bruce A. Mailloux and Rebecca H. Mailloux to John M. Staples and Bonita L. Staples.

Bruce A. Mailloux and Rebecca H. Mailloux to Derek Larrabee and Jennifer Larrabee.


Norman Kirby to Derek Larrabee and Jennifer Larrabee.

Tammy N. McDonald to Bruce Cook Jr.


Bridgett Fowler to Stacy L. Michaud.


Farley M. Drake to Farley M. Drake Living Trust.


Brayden H. Ames and Christie A. Caitlin to Kate A. Maddocks.

Dale A. McFarlin, Teresa A. Pinto and Teresa A. McFarlin to Kenneth Phillips.

Deborah Childers to Troy Reynolds and Margaret Peckenham.


James Lowell Sprouse, Sandra D. Sprouse and Sandra Darlene Ziegler to Paul J. Collins and Carolina Vargas.

Susan M. Marriner and Susan M. Mariner to Christopher John Lutjens.

Arthur A. Cote to Edward Ernest Billing and Edward Thomas Billing.

Bernard D Ginn Jr. and Sonja M. Ginn to Melissa Russell.

Phillip A. Holmes, Hannah R. Holmes and Hannah R. Snyder to James E. Moore and Jenifer L. Moore.

John E. Marino and Paige M. Marino to Ryan Joseph Moulton.

Kelly Paul to Brian Paul and Kelly Paul.