BELFAST — The Belfast Climate Crisis Committee announced that on Friday, Oct. 8, at 3 p.m., there will be a gathering at the breakwater, adjacent to the city boat ramp and the harbormaster’s office, to introduce the High Water Mark project.

The project is a collaborative effort of the city of Belfast, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Maine Geologic Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Representatives of those organizations will discuss the origins and goals of the project.

Belfast is one of several locations on the Maine coast where historic high-water events are being documented.

The Climate Crisis Committee will highlight other aspects of city projects designed to provide accurate, long-term data on water and weather conditions on Belfast Bay.

US Harbors will describe the innovative GPS-based water level sensor system installed Sept. 29 by Divirod at the end of the breakwater, and the Climate Crisis Committee, with staff and students from Belfast Area High School, will describe the tide gauges and the weather station installed on the city pier with support from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

The public is welcome to attend. For more information, email