BELFAST — In observance of Indigenous People’s Day, Monday, Oct. 11, Kathy Paul and Natalie Michele, Penobscot Elders and Water Protectors from the Penobscot Nation, will perform a Water Ceremony at the Friends of Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area, 290 Northport Ave., at 1 p.m. All are invited to attend the ceremony to honor and protect the Little River and the Belfast Bay Watershed.

The event is sponsored by  the Peace and Justice Group of Waldo County and the Friends of Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area.

“While we are proud that Indigenous People’s Day is commemorated here in Maine, we are also aware of how arrogant it must seem to offer one day of recognition to the peoples who have been here for over 10,000 years – and to whom we owe a debt we can never repay for their care and guardianship of the lands and waters which were stolen from them, this beautiful place we all call home,” Meredith Bruskin of Swanville said in a press release announcing the event.

“Join us Monday, Oct. 11, to honor and give thanks for the beautiful waters that surround us here on Penobscot Bay and to share ceremony with the Penobscot Elders, our allies in caring for the waters of the Belfast Watershed,” Bruskin said. “Living sustainably is essential for all people, for our youth and for future generations. Water is life.”

Parking is limited. Those who are physically able are asked to park at the Belfast Water District and walk to the ceremony.