BELFAST — Local Color Gallery, 135 High St., welcomes guest artists Leecia Price and Liz Prescott for its new exhibit running now through Oct. 31.

Price, of Camden, is an oil painter who often uses encaustic in her works. She describes her work by saying, “My paintings are created from intuition and visual memories of nature’s beauty and fragility. The work may evoke glimpses of birds in flight, falling petals, windblown leaves, moving water, or other fleeting fragments. As I build complex layered surfaces, paint itself is often the subject. The work is meant to be a personal sensory experience, akin to instrumental music. My art journey started 16 years ago while I worked as a naturalist and I continually seek ways to weave conservation and sustainability into my process and materials.”

More of Price’s work may be seen at or on Instagram @LeeciaPriceArtist.

Prescott is a painter based in Freeport. She is a graduate of Maine College of Art (BFA 2000) and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA 2003 Visual Arts). She is a member of the Union of Maine Visual Artists (Portland Chapter) and actively involved in the development of Meetinghouse Arts in Freeport. She has taught studio classes and plein air workshops in Maine for more than 15 years. Prescott describes her work by saying, “As a painter, I enjoy being drawn into the landscape with a question, usually involving shape, color or quality of light. I am most excited when I‘m not sure where a painting is going, drifting along on the edge of abstraction and realism. These are the most fertile moments in the process and I often prefer to stop before a painting might be considered “finished.” This is where the magic lies for me. I work with slow drying acrylics on birch panel, using a technique that allows for many layers of paint to mix, adding texture and often unexpected color interaction.”

“Dissolve” by Liz Prescott.

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