Hello Monroe!

As October is officially upon us and the days get shorter around the farm, the to-do list certainly seems to linger. We’ve scattered a good crop of pumpkins around the yard for decoration and the leaves are starting to turn to add to the beauty. I have a few more squash to pick and carrots to dig, and will then call an end to the 2021 gardening season. I find myself most looking forward to planting green beans again in the spring as Oliver enjoyed picking and eating them fresh and I enjoyed watching him.

Oliver is settling into the big brother role well. He asks to hold little brother Nolan every so often and enjoys then pointing out Nolan’s eyes, ears, cheeks, belly, fingers, toes and more. I look forward to watching their bond strengthen as they grow up together.

Worth celebrating

Happy belated birthday to Monroe’s Nick Tripp and Troy Oliver, both celebrating Sept. 29.

Happy anniversary to Dick and Sharon Smith, celebrating 54 years of marriage on Sept. 30.

And with October now upon us, happy birthday to the following: Paige Emerson and Maxine Clements (7th), Brea Milliken (13th), Sydney Vogel (20th), Holly Emerson and Chris Tomlin (26th), and Thurston Illingworth and Brody Gibbs (31st). Enjoy your special day!


My sincere sympathy goes out to Monroe’s Lynda Oliver as she and her family process the recent passing of her brother, Byrn Nottage. May time and fond memories help you all.

The Hooper children pose with “perhaps the world record Cinderella pumpkin. This thing could be fitted with wheels and towed by a horse.” Courtesy of Hooper’s Orchard

Orchard update

I appreciate Hooper’s Orchard posts on Facebook as I find many of them informative and interesting. Recently, Ben and Belle shared a bit about the Cinderella pumpkins they planted this season.

“Known as Rogue vif d’Etampes in France. “’Rogue vif’ means ‘vivid red.’ This is an attractive variety for fall display. Shaped flat, looking like a red cheese wheel, the fruits average 10 to 15 pounds. The moderately sweet, orange flesh is excellent for pies. Also known as Cinderella.”

Perhaps I’ll add Cinderella pumpkin seeds to my garden list for next year, right along with Oliver’s green beans.

Have a great week!

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