We borrowed an apple press from our friends in Lincolnville who run Whaleback Cider. Once we get around to picking and pressing I’m not sure there will be many apples left, so now I’m on the lookout for some good wild trees in the area.

The bees are a lot slower with the cool, damp mornings now a regular occurrence. I find them on the undersides of petals, hanging onto stems, or quiet and still in the middle of a blossom when I go out to cut flowers in the morning. I gently rest the cutting back on the plant so the bee can warm up with the sun and get moving on its own time.

Have you seen monarch butterflies in your area of town or on your property? We have had some here, although I’m out in the field taking stock much less lately. I heard on the news this week that monarchs are on the waiting list to be added as an endangered species in the U.S. They said it would be three years before monarchs were likely to be added because of the backlog waiting for review. Might as well start helping them out now by planting supportive plants and habitat in your gardens or natural areas.

The dump truck parade has resumed; right after more repair work had been done to the dirt road. I wonder how much of the increased road work is due to this increase in big truck traffic. I know there was talk of it at the town meeting last year but maybe the issue has fallen by the wayside. I dream of speed limit signs.

This time of year I imagine lying in the middle of a field, far from car noise or buildings, and watching the season shift around me; the light waning, the trees changing color and then letting go of each leaf, the eventual browning of the landscape, the moon and stars brighter in the darker skies. I am like the trees, I suppose, going inward toward dormancy.

Autumn is a reminder of how good we have it; a moment of easy living. According to the calendar, we are officially here. Enjoy it!

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