Health care providers urge COVID vaccination

As the COVID-19 surge in Maine continues, medical staff members at Waldo County General Hospital want to say in the clearest terms possible that the vaccine is safe, effective and the best way to end the pandemic. If you haven’t already, please get vaccinated.

This isn’t just an academic opinion on our part. Every member of the WCGH medical staff has been vaccinated against COVID-19. We understand the science and know that the vaccines are the best way to protect ourselves from getting infected — and from life-threatening symptoms if we do get infected.

Moreover, we know that vaccines are the best way to protect those around us. Certainly we have a professional responsibility to protect against transmitting the disease to our patients, but we also believe we have a moral responsibility to protect our friends, neighbors and families.

If you have questions or specific concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines, please call your health care provider to receive information you can rely on. You trust us to set bones, deliver babies, perform surgeries and treat cancer. You can trust us when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, too. Please get vaccinated.

Dr. Heather Ward

Waldo County General Hospital

Medical Staff President

Yes on 3

The Farwell Project in Thorndike is working to bring energy back to a small town by way of local commerce, the arts and exchange of work skills.  Critical to all this is community health: keeping traditional food supplies alive.  On Nov. 2 we can all vote to add a Right to Food amendment to our state constitution, an effort to ensure our local food systems will not be subsumed by corporate interests and multinational grocery store chains.  It will allow us to buy from our neighbors at our own discretion and keep local foods available to us all.

I urge you to vote yes on Question 3 to protect our food sources and ways of life in rural Maine.

Diana Prizio