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Autumn in New England 

A weekend on Monhegan was an eye-opener. It’s always beautiful there (and here), even in the rain, so two days of sunshine and light winds were a bonus. What struck us was how many people “from away” we met. In just two days we talked with folks from Colorado, Montana, California, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Massachusetts.

Most were leaf peepers and all of them were jealous when we told them we lived in Searsmont, an hour away from the ferry dock in Port Clyde. We know the grass is always greener. We sometimes forget that the leaves are always more colorful here, too. And we get to live here.

Your correspondent with a view of Monhegan Village and Manana Island behind him.  Photo by Joyce Sirota

Town Office 

Absentee ballots are now available for the Nov. 2 election, which features votes on three referendum items: the CMP corridor, a roads-and-bridges bond, and a “food freedom” state constitutional amendment. We will have more on each in a week or two.

You can get your absentee ballot online, by phone, or from the Town Office until Thursday, Oct. 28, at noon. Your absentee ballot must be returned (and received) by mail or to the office or in person by 5 p.m. on election day. Be sure to sign the return envelope. This year there’s also a way for those unable to use a paper ballot to get an online ballot to fill out at home.

If you missed the Sept. 30 property tax payment deadline for 2021, you still have time to pay yours before penalties and the much-dreaded Searsmont Annual Report listings come into play. Check with the office staff or call 342-5411 for more information.

Town Library 

The library director tells us that Searsmont now has a subscription to the Maine State Library’s e-book and digital audio book collection through “cloudLibrary” (yes, that’s how you spell it).  All you need is your library number and the link information available by calling the library at 342-5411.

New books in the collection include Sally Rooney’s “Beautiful World, Where Are You,” “Downeast” by Gigi Georges, and the Jussi Adler-Olsen “Department Q” novels.

The library gets donations from generous folks who bring bottles and cans to Hannaford in a pre-labeled Clynk bank, and from Amazon’s “Smile” program (you buy, link to Smile, and the library gets a donation). Now you can take your recyclable containers to M’s Redemption at 628 New England Road here in Searsmont and ask them to credit the library account.

We will report next week on the first of this year’s “Exploring the Wilds of Waldo County” hikes led by Sarah Crosby and Bill Evans. It’s not too late to call and sign up for the walk. It leaves from the library on Saturday, Oct. 16, at 9 a.m.

Bits and pieces 

What a pleasure to see the fall colors popping out each day now. Road walks and trips to the mail box or post office or store are a feast for the eyes. Local orchards are rich with apples and autumn pears, and everbearing raspberries are a treat. That autumn smell fills the air and with the first woodstove fires, Searsmont is a feast for the nose, too.

Searsmonters are hitting the Southwestern Waldo County Broadband Coalition home page or logging on directly to for the complete set of informational PowerPoint slides on possible future broadband internet expansion. The FAQ page is also worth a look-see.

Also, for those who qualify, Pfizer COVID vaccine booster shots are now available, as are seasonal flu shots. Check with your primary care provider, Walgreens or WCGH.