BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 23 to Sept. 29 at Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Swan Lake LP to MCI Belfast MHP LLC.

Bonita L. Versboncoeur and Bonita Leandra Versboncoeur to Julia Rose Kosowsky.

Paula Marie Holmes and Paula H. Cookson to Bernard Holmes.

Bernard J. Holmes and Bernard Holmes to Bernice J. Wetherby.

David M. Erickson to Maine B & H Investments LLC.

Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust to City of Belfast.

Husson Park LLC to Belfast Harbor Condominiums LLC


Naomi Lown to Naomi Lown Revocable Trust – 1990.

James F. White and Catherine C. White to Jessica M. Bissonette and Christopher S. Norman.

Pamela J MacMaster to Joshua Alan Rines and Hollie Amber Rines.

Pamela J. MacMaster and Pamela J. Rines to Joshua Alan Rines and Hollie Amber Rines.

Pamela J. MacMaster to Joshua Alan Rines and Hollie Amber Rines.


Bernard J. Holmes and Toni K. Story to Toni K. Story, Sheila R. Leach and Paula Marie Holmes.

Janet M. Cox to Karen J. Hartenstein.

Jonathan Q. Higgins and Brittany N. Higgins to Beth Beaulieu.

Paul Lufkin, John Hirtle and John Sheridan to LDBR LLC.


Carol Diane Head-Pendleton to Samuel Bigelow and Caroline Bigelow.

Terrance O. Wuori and Nancy A. Wuori to Megan Britton and Daniel Britton.


Town of Liberty to Luke P. Boulay and Jackie A. Boulay.

Town of Liberty to Luke P. Boulay and Jackie A. Boulay.


Connie S. Linhart and Dennis C. Linhart to Jan Cody Wanner Revocable Trust.


Lori Burns to Jonathan Higgins and Brittany Higgins.

Elmer L. Clark Sr. and Shirley A. Clark to 1285 14th Ave SW LLC and One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Five 14th Ave SW LLC.

James Wilkinson and Marley H. Wilkinson to Kevin Eckert- Smith and Sally A. Eckert-Smith.


Phyllis E. Fischer to William P. Berlinghoff.

Phyllis E. Fischer to William P. Berlinghoff.

Scott D. King to Scott D. King and Heather Adam King-Beal.


Adam C. Weymouth to Adam C. Weymouth and Kelly Weymouth.


John F. Haley Jr. and Anne Rogers Haley to Longwood Estate LLC.

55 Cross LLC and Fifty Five Cross LLC to Ethan Dubrow.

Marcellus M. Williams Estate to Cynthia A. Williams-Facchini.

Thomas E. Duggan and Janet R. Duggan to Timothy S.F. Jackson and Kerri L. Jackson.


Mark A. Lancaster to Nicole Damren and Travis Lancaster.

Marilyn McKiel and Charles McKiel to Stephen S. Childs and Megan M. Childs.


Lorraine J. Harriman to Gregory A. Harriman and Kathryn P. Harriman.

Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.

Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.

Town of Prospect to Gertrude Smith.

Town of Prospect to Joseph Rego and Joe Rego.


Matthew Bernier to Joshua Marcouillier and Tracy Marcouillier.

Gregory Erik Morrison Revocable Trust to Mary Jane Schotte.


KE1 LP to MCI Searsport Storage LLC.

KE1 LP to MCI Searsport MHP LLC.

Carolyn F. Farr to Catherine A. Aranda Trust.

Susan N. Sullivan to Mark C. Riley and Misty D. Riley.


Howard J. Jones to Howard J. Jones and Sally C. Jones.

Paul B. Rix and Carolyn L. Rix to John E. Perry.

Melik Khoury to Emilie W. Stafford & Deborah L. Callahan Revocable Living Trust.


Jeanne K. Schaller Estate to Anthony McDowell and Belinda McDowell.

Marvette Tully to Scott E. Kulikowski and Davina K. Stiles.


Theodore Barnes and Rhonda A. Barnes to Dawn M. Spack and Richard A. Spack.


Joshua Van Deventer and Ashley Wooley to David Van Deventer.

Fay M. Lataille and Fay M. Moody to Gardiner Moody.


Town of Winterport to Alan Richmond.

Town of Winterport to A & M Sand and Gravel LLC.

Sierra Amy Wood Hickey and Nicholas Jordan Hickey to Maine Construction LLC.

Alan L. Richmond Estate to Aaron L. Neville.

Gregory M Gaudet and Jill E. Gaudet to Brian C. Downs and Karen L. Downs.

Jeffrey R. Patterson and Heather S. Patterson to Vaughn D. Thibodeau III and Amanda M. Thibodeau.