Frankfort mourns the loss of Selectman Steven Imondi. Steve died of COVID-19. This plague continues to spread destruction throughout Maine and the nation.

With a continuing threat from the new COVID variant, I plan on getting my senior-citizen booster shot as soon as the six-month period since my second jab has passed. Also, it’s time for a flu shot. I get a flu shot every year, figuring that it’s the least I can do to protect myself.


I had a grand time last week setting up my telescope and doing some stargazing up on Mt. Waldo with a friend. With the waxing crescent moon absent and a clear sky, conditions were perfect. A light haze came over us later in the evening, but not until the scope had centered upon some perennial, fall favorites.

Under the feeder

It’s amazing how quickly a flock of grackles can empty a bird feeder. I don’t begrudge these raucous birds, though, since they face a long and tiring journey south. Other than the grackles, it’s the same retinue at the feeder. I must note that this season’s young cardinals, a male and female, are regular visitors and it’s fun watching them grow. The male isn’t quite as boldly colored as its dad, but it soon will be I’m sure.

History note

From The Republican Journal, Nov. 2, 1916: “Wilbert S. York and son Sydney of Belfast were in town one day last week on business.

“The farmers are plowing and also making all preparations necessary around their homes for the cold winter weather, which cannot be far off.”

Weekly quote

“That autumn eve was stilled, a last remains of sunset dimly burned

O’er the far forests, like a torch-flame turned by the wind back upon its bearer’s hand.

In one long flare of crimson; as a brand, the woods beneath lay black.” — Sordello R. Browning