First, a correction to last week’s column.  The Thorndike Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was started in 1946 and was active until 2019.  Joyce Julian straightened me out on the date.  Thanks, Joyce.

Farrin’s Country Auctions will be conducting a public auction at the Bryant’s Stove, Music and Button Museum on Saturday, Oct. 23, beginning at 10:30 a.m., Thorndike Village.

You may start licensing your dogs on Oct. 15, spayed at $6 and unneutered/unspayed at $11 each.  You will need a current rabies certificate. If you license your dog before Dec. 31, you will save the $25 that is levied against a late or unlicensed dog.

Wellman Paving will not be paving Reynolds Road until next spring because of scheduling conflicts and material availability. They will, however, be filling the potholes and laying pavement over the repaired culverts.

The assessor has been out and about and if you were not home, he left a paper on the door knob. If you want an interior inspection,  please call 568-3655 and leave a message with your name, number and address. You will be contacted when they are ready with available times.

Neighbor for Neighbor holiday assistance applications are now available at the Thorndike Town Office, Thanksgiving basket application deadline is Nov. 1 and Christmas food and gift applications are due by Dec. 3.

The results at Drew’s Hard Knox races last weekend are as follows: Adult Modified: 1st, Dylan Cleaves; 2nd, Hunter Loring; 3rd, Ashton Reynolds; Stock 50 CC Class: 1st,  Silas Parlin; 2nd, Cole Gerish; 3rd, Camryn Raven; Adult 65CC-85 CC-2stroke: 1st, Ryder Wren; 2nd, Chase Bragg; 3rd, Kolby Glidden; 12 under 65 CC-85 CC 2stroke: 1st, Ryder Wren; 2nd, Kolby Glidden; 3rd, Silas Parlin; Adult 90 CC- 140 CC 4 stroke: 1st, Tavyn Bailey; 2nd, Cooper Nelson; 3rd, Ashton Reynolds; 12 under 90 CC 140 CC 4 stroke: 1st, Luke Trask; 2nd, Bryan Gilcrest; 3rd, Cole Gerrish; Adult 65 CC & under: 1st, Ryder Wren; 2nd, Bryce Brown; 3rd, Jase Caron; 12 under 65 Cc & under 2 stroke: 1st, Ryder Wren; 2nd, Silas Parlin; 3rd, Garrett Thomas.  And a good time was had by all.

We have had fantastic weather this week and several gazebo visitors. Dustin entertained Papa Dixon one day and they had lots of laughs.

Thanks to Phil Shibles for tilling up the garden and now I will get the composters set for the winter.

W C Fields is quoted as saying, “Horse sense is a good judgment which keeps horses from betting on people.”

Have a great week and walk just a bit farther than you did last week. And enjoy all that fall has to offer.