GOP favors the rich over the rest

Republican leader and millionaire Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, in a recent address on the Senate floor, stated his definition of socialism, any government program that benefits average, working class citizens. Rich Mitch opposes government aid in making child care affordable for working families or promoting universal preschool as pure socialism. Republicans can’t do enough for the wealthy. The 2017 tax cuts benefiting the mega-rich and corporate America, by the way, the only significant legislative achievement of the last administration, was ballyhooed as a stimulus for job creation.

In fact, few if any new factories were built as corporations used the funds to buy back stock and increase the huge bonuses paid to their executives. Wealthy individuals  sent even more to overseas tax shelters. Tax cuts mean less income for the government and rising government debt. Through legislative alchemy and accounting sleight of hand, some corporations and wealthy benefactors who paid no income taxes actually saw their tax rates made even lower.

Republicans have attempted to privatize Social Security, public education and Medicare. Republicans tried 70 times to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If you rely on Social Security or expect it to aid you in the future, you are benefiting from what McConnell and his fellow Republicans call socialism. That is also true for those of us who rely on Medicare or have found more affordable health insurance through the ACA to avoid becoming bankrupt because of the high cost of medical care. Republicans have blocked efforts to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs. It is not difficult to see through Republican smoke and mirrors, if one looks at reality.

Ron Jarvella