Greetings, Brooks.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and gorgeous foliage. My sister-in-law is a poet and I thought I’d share one of her pieces that really evokes the season:

Late Fall

Snow fences went up today
in another part of town
while at the time
the milkweed pods
were spewing forth their down.
And so I closed the window,
and made a pot of tea,
and gathered up a quiltin’
and had a stitchin’ spree!

—Jean Francis Diemert

Brooks Library

I’ve mentioned it before, but just want to remind you that Brooks has a library. I paid a visit and was very impressed. After a period of neglect, it has been restored. Check it out (pun intended)! Located on the second floor of the Town Office, the library is open when the office is.

Pictured is the main section of the restored Brooks Library, upstairs above the Town Office. Photo by Melissa McDonald

There is a young adult/children’s area to one side with the main part opposite. That area is organized as usual with alphabetized fiction and non-fiction according to subject. It’s free. Just choose your book(s) and sign them out in the record which is just to your left as you enter. There’s no limit or return time. It’s free! Thank you Shelley Whitlatch.

Shute’s Pumpkin & Squash Stand

We paid a visit this week! Tons of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Since I usually buy my pumpkins here every year — no surprise. But the squash! Every variety you can think of (and some you couldn’t). I purchased a hasta la pasta spaghetti squash and a starry night. That one is almost too beautiful to eat (but I will). I’ll need to go back to get some mashed potato squash and try that one.

The stand operates on an honor system, and Donna tells me they will be open at least until Halloween. They have a Facebook page that is updated for more information.

Again, many thanks to the Brooks Volunteer Fire Department. Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude.

Until next time…peace.

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