Hello Waldo!

On Oct. 12 our weather station recorded a high of 81 degrees in the sun. I’ve heard that without the cold nights typical of this time of year the foliage won’t be as bright, despite the abundant water in the ground. I admit this weather is a bit disorienting; I’m ready for the growing season to be over but things just keep on blooming. I’ve decided I’m going to cut all the eucalyptus and then let the rest go.

The farm stand is on a bit of a break (although there are some fun gourds in there, and there may be some big Cinderella pumpkins soon), but I plan to add dried flower bouquets closer to the holidays.

I have a 3-year-old fruiting quince tree that I got from Fedco and it put out fruit this year (I read that it takes a quince tree three years to fruit so it was right on time). The long fall has been good for giving the fruit enough time to ripen. I plan to poach them. This is my first year cooking with quince. I recently used the fruit off a flowering quince bush in apple crisp. You can poach it first but I read that you can also grate it raw into the crisp filling, which is what I did.

I’ll admit, the reason I bought a quince tree in the first place was that I read about it in a book. There was a scene about a bowl of ripe quince on a table in a house in England in the 1500s, and how amazing they smelled. I was sold.

A neighbor recently caught a black bear on their game camera. While I don’t want to cross paths with one while I’m out running, it was exciting to see the picture.

Earlier in the week I harvested pole beans. I’ve never harvested beans in mid-October; it was a nice addition to the menu that day.

I’ve heard from both Waldo folks and those who live out of town about the aggressive signs toward the Belfast end of East Waldo Road. The most concerning part is that there are children in that neighborhood who have to see them any time they drive or walk by. I know I’m not the only one who is exhausted by the divisiveness in this country. Can’t we at least show basic respect to our neighbors?

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