WALDOBORO — What a day on the course for Camden-Rockport and nearly 200 young distance athletes at the Busline League middle school cross-country championships on Oct. 21 at Medomak Valley High School.

On an overcast, rainy Thursday afternoon, grand performances were turned in by the Schooners, who won the team competitions with perfect, or near-perfect, scores, as well as the individual titles thanks to two fleet-footed CRMS runners.

With Paul Russo, Lincolnville principal and coach watching at right in background, Camden-Rockport’s Gabriella DeStefano, left, and Lincolnville’s Elise Talty push to the finish. Photo by Mark Haskell

On the day, 195 student-athletes finished the 2.1-mile trails course.

In the 93-runner girls race, CRMS’ Siena Scordino finished first in 13:41.06 to outdistance teammate and runner-up Flynn Layton (13:47.76).

Oceanside’s Keegan Simms, left, and Beckett Haskell, back, along with Drinkwater’s Jackson Horton (844) and Thomas Hollins. Photo by Mark Haskell

In the boys 102-runner race, Schooner Will Meyer outraced the field in 12:45.65. Meyer’s teammate Graham Stoughton finished second in 13:17.31.

In the team competition, the Schooners ruled the course with perfect, or near-perfect, performances.

Camden-Rockport’s Nyima Smith, left, North Haven’s Lila Bernard and Lincolnville’s Ophelia Larsen. Photo by Mark Haskell

The CRMS boys finished with a perfect score of 15, which meant it had the first through fifth scoring runners. In fact, the Schooners proved so dominant they finished with seven of the top eight runners, including North Haven’s Warren Beverage, who was third at 13:19.11.

North Haven did not have five scoring runners, thus Beverage’s place was not included in the team scoring, which gave CRMS the top five spots and a perfect score.

Great Salt Bay’s Gabriela Janik. Photo by Mark Haskell

For the girls, CRMS finished with 16 points, one shy of perfect, with the first, second, third, fourth and sixth finishers.

The Schooner boys finished with a total team time of 1:06:27.42 and average runner time of 13:17.49, while the Schooner girls finished with a total team time of 1:10:13.72, with an average runner time of 14:02.75.

Medomak’s Colby Daigle, left, Camden-Rockport’s Henk Abess, right, and Troy Howard’s Michael Alley. Photo by Mark Haskell

The boys team scores were: Camden-Rockport 15, Lincolnville 70, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta 80, Medomak of Waldoboro 115, Oceanside of Thomaston 137, Troy Howard of Belfast 152, Drinkwater of Northport 166 and St. George, North Haven and Boothbay no score.

The girls team scores were: Camden-Rockport 16, Lincolnville 54, Great Salt Bay 93, Medomak 106, Drinkwater 115, North Haven 168, Troy Howard 187 and Oceanside, Boothbay and St. George no score.

Searsport also was expected to participate but did not.

The individual girls results were: 1, Siena Scordino, CRMS, 13:41.06; 2, Flynn Layton, CRMS, 13:47.76; 3, Cara Rothwell, CRMS, 14:10.10; 4, Cora Gates, CRMS, 14:15.84; 5, Liana Talty, Linc, 14:16.74; 6, Faye Hildreth, CRMS, 14:18.96; 7, Paisley Hayslip, Drink, 14:35.60; 8, Gabriella DeStefano, CRMS, 14:38.70; 9, Elise Talty, Linc, 14:39.22; 10, Acacia Hartley, Linc, 14:43.14; 11, Amelia Constantine, CRMS, 14:43.84; 12, Lilly Johnson, CRMS, 15:00.40; 13, Audrey Heyniger, CRMS, 15:05.10; 14, Ellen Kunkel, CRMS, 15:13.24; 15, Madalin St. Charles, Linc, 15:19.71; 16, Bella Collamore, GSB, 15:23.21; 17, Maggie Thompson, GSB, 15:29.48; 18, Katie Kimball, CRMS, 15:29.80; 19, Chloe Egan, CRMS, 15:32.29; 20, Madison Barrows, Drink, 15:33.06; 21, Pearl Hall, GSB, 15:34.10; 22, Maddie Bennett, CRMS, 15:35.20; 23, Maggie Bruno, Med, 15:38.89; 24, Hattie Tyler, CRMS, 15:43.52; 25, Kaitlyn Seeber, CRMS, 15:49.69; 26, Maggie Feeney, Linc, 15:59.39; 27, Sidney Nicholls, Med, 16:03.86; 28, Esme Tobiasz, Linc, 16:13.34; 29, Soleil Jacques, CRMS, 16:23.77; 30, Kenzie Baines, CRMS, 16:24.43; 31, Anneka Egeland, Linc, 16:25.51; 32, Maggie McCarthy, Linc, 16:31.81; 33, Sadie Smith, Med, 16:32.28; 34, Adelade Morris, Med, 17:03.01; 35, Gabriela Janik, GSB, 17:06.05; 36, Nyima Smith, CRMS, 17:08.11; 37, Ivy McCollette, Med, 17:18.22; 38, Kaya Bournival, Linc, 17:21.11; 39, Katalina Kriste, Linc, 17:28.00; 40, Isla Tobiasz, Linc, 17:31.74; 41, Matilda Marks, GSB, 17:32.75; 42, Eva Hurley, Linc, 17:33.11; 43, Catherine Leadbetter, Linc, 17:40.37; 44, Natalie Barrow, Drink, 17:43.98; 45, Amelia Mills, CRMS, 17:47.20; 46, Rita Brown, NH, 17:50.37; 47, Lila Bernard, NH, 17:54.71; 48, Pearl Hedstrom, CRMS, 17:55.53; 49, Greta Kitchen, Drink, 17:57.08; and 50, Ophelia Larsen, Linc, 18:00.45.