BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 7 through Oct.13 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Barbara E. McMahon Living Trust to Geraldine Goldrich.

Dorothy E. Howard to Jennifer Malich Revocable Living Trust.

Robert F. Stallworth and Marie E. Stallworth to Ruth Heffron and John Vernelson.

Orman Group LLC to Linda Bucklin Est.

Robert N. Fraser to Jacob Alan Levangie-Thompson.

Peter L. Verzoni to Stephen M. King.

Ronald S. Cooper and Marguerite S. Berger to M. S. Berger Revocable Living Trust.

Ronald S. Cooper and Marguerite S. Berger to M. S. Berger Revocable Living Trust.

Donna M. Marshall to Stephen G. Tuzzolino.

City of Belfast to Leanne Ferland and Joseph Perry.

City of Belfast to Paul D. Hamilton 2013 Trust.

City of Belfast to Barry Radman.


Stephen K. Swayze and Carol C. Holmes to Brad Thomas Guyton and Allison Kay Guyton.

Carol C. Holmes to Brad Thomas Guyton and Allison Kay Guyton.

Matthew B. Curry, Ro-Ann Curry, Michael R. Curry and Yvonne M. Curry to Belmont Self Storage LLC.

Robert L Concordia to Carolyn J. Glustra.


Aaron Cross and Cassie Cross to Sara R. Alexander and Peter A. Alexander.


Stanley W. Cole Jr. to Angela M. Thomas and Christopher M. Thomas.


Kenneth L. Shaw to Walter Fuller.

Jonathan K. Shaw to Walter Fuller.

Susan M. Berry and Susan Foster Price to Susan M. Berry Revocable Living Trust.


Carrie M. Lee and George R. Lee to Jason W. Marrian and Elizabeth J. Mattes.


Laura S. Fuller to Katina Lynn Cassidy and Shane Eric Cassidy.

Dorothy M. Thornton Living Trust to Harrison Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

Melissa A. Libby to Russell A. Pepler and Elaine J. Pepler.

Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to David W. St. Clair.


Eleanor R. Wood Est. to Blue Thunder Farm LLC.

Walter M. Lamont Sr. and Anne G. Lamont to Robert MacDowell and Janiece M. Fazio.

Myron T. Luce and Susan J. Luce to Kara L. Fentress and David L. Fentress.

Walter Lamont Sr., Walter Lamont and Walter M. Lamont to R. C. Lamont and R. Cameron Lamont.

R. C. Lamont and R. Cameron Lamont to Walter Lamont Sr., Walter M. Lamont, Walter Lamont and Anne Lamont.


Jessica A. Young and Jessica Bergeron to Troy R. Thompson and Samantha J. Thompson.


Corie Singer to Alexandria V. Brown.

Neil Roberts to Shari H. Kadison.


Ruth Higgins to Joseph LaJoie and Brittany LaJoie.

Lauren Wallace, Robert Wallace and David Kassel to Diane M. Knight Trust and Susan A. Murray Revocable Trust.

Janet G. West to Michael D. Connelly and Rachel Connelly.

Lewis H. Baker Est. and Linda A. Baker Est. to Michael L. Burgoyne.


Gregory Harriman and Kathryn Harriman to Gregory A. Harriman and Kathryn P. Harriman.


Edward Davis and Katherine Davis to Tammy L. Richards and John L. Richards Jr.


Skinner Properties LLC to Cathy Kitko.


Robert B. Chanson and Anne B. Chanson to Aimee M. Moffitt-Mercer.

Barbara Knoeller to Ken Bailey and Deborah Bailey.

Mary Patricia Walsh to Shellybob Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

Candace B. Slack to Candace Slack Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


Shane L. Whitcomb to Tamera Rene Howard-Doliber.


Town of Thorndike to William Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher.


Gerald F. Irving and Cynthia N. Irving to Irving Family Irrevocable Trust.


Lesley M. Lamore, Lesley M. Donahue and Lesley M. Mayer to John R. Guy and Becky M. Bundy,


Kirk D. Bloomer to Cory Wells.

Staci L. Goff and Staci L. Weatherhead Berg to Joan A. Giles.

Douglas Solman to David D. Clark and Elizabeth A. Clark.