Kindness meets Kindness

On Monday, Oct. 18, Rio’s Spiked Café, a new restaurant in town, presented $600 to Searsport’s Kindness program. Kindness provides meals to students as well as anyone in need.

Rio’s, located at 357 W. Main St., Searsport, is open now from 5 to 9 p.m. It is an eclectic, European-style tapas bar and eatery, with dinner entrees as well. For more information on their menu, go to Rio’s has appreciated Searsport’s support and patience as they worked to open a new restaurant in the COVID environment.

Wreaths, but no trees this year

The Searsport Lions and Searsport Bay Area Lions Club has sold trees in the Bangor Savings Bank parking lot for as long as I can remember to benefit their scholarship programs. But alas, they could not find a dealer to work with on this project.

The clubs want to thank everyone for their years of generous support. However, a member told me that they will have wreaths! I am looking forward to that as I am sure they will be beautiful.