Sometimes when I am sitting with Monty in his big rocking chair looking out the window in his room, I see the colored leaves drift one by one off the tree and onto the ground and I wish that I could make it stop; that I could pick those leaves up and put them back. We go at least six months without leaves on the trees here and I’m not ready to enter that part of the year.

We’ve got firewood for the season ahead but only half of it is stacked. We’ve confirmed our plowing for the winter, but we’re waiting for our new wood stove to arrive. We’ve got bulbs and a few shrubs to get in the ground still. It’s always a mad rush to wrap things up before the ground freezes and the snow flies. There’s something satisfying about how the cold and snow puts a hard stop on it all at some point, though.

The red winter berries are bright on our roadsides again. They seem to alternate each year; two years ago was an epic red berry year, last year there was not one red berry to be found (I decorated with young maple tree shoots; a vibrant dark red), and this year they are back. Good luck getting to them first (I happen to have a few good secret spots). What do you like to do with them?

The Belfast end of East Waldo Road is in disarray once again; all pot holes and the beginning of washboard. It’s a wonder that an engineer was brought in a year or so ago; could have fooled me!

Happy Halloween to all the Waldo kids! Monty will be dressing up as an owl, one of his favorite animals to imitate!

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