We are enjoying each of these fabulous fall days. In between getting wood in like squirrels with their nuts, and doing a last couple of bushhogs, I am loving the still-warm-enough sunshine to sit and knit on the front porch. Always thinking, in the back of my mind, maybe this is the last week of porch-sitting. It is also nice to see that Mount View High School is enjoying some semblance of post-pandemic normalcy. Interschool sports are happening, teams are traveling for games. Last week the Mount View orchestra gave an in-person, on-stage performance at the high school — with an audience. Booster shots are readily available. Is normalcy around the corner?

Local bicycle service

Jackson’s own Ed Hamel has created the Outback Bicycle Repair shop. It is located in Brooks, out back and below the Marsh River Co-op. This is not your generic bike shop, but a community-oriented endeavor to promote bicycling among all ages. The Outback Bicycle Repair shop mission includes the following initiatives: Repair bicycles as well as acquire and provide bicycles to the community at a cost proportional to income. Educate bicycle enthusiasts in the safe use and maintenance of bicycles. Ed is providing his time for teaching repair and maintenance to you for your bike; all ages welcome (under 16 would need a guardian present).

If you have one or more bikes collecting dust in the back of your barn or garage, why not find them a new home? The shop is open Saturday, Sunday and Mondays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and by appointment; call 323-1804. There are even free bikes for children available!

Jackson bike event

On Sunday, Oct. 17, Common Hill Farm on the Hatch Road hosted an enthusiastic crowd of mountain bikers to explore five miles of trails, including balancing on see-saw boards, through the woods and fields. The event, named Loam on the Range, was supported by Common Hill Farm, Board of Maine, LiveME, FrostyBottom Brewing, Orono Brewing Company, CG Bikes, and New England Mountain Bike Association. NEMBA is a community of mountain bikers committed to creating epic riding experiences, preserving open space, and guiding the future of mountain biking in New England. This chapter serves the Belfast area: https://nemba.org/chapters. Follow NEMBA, and CG Bikes, on Facebook for future fun events in the area.

Town Office

The next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 9, 6:30 p.m. The next Select Board meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 16, 6:30 p.m.