The Mount View Middle School Advanced Band and High School  Band performed a concert on Oct. 27. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for band and chorus programs at Mount View, with the numbers of students dwindling from the 30s and 40s to merely 10 or 11. I have personally witnessed this change as a member of Mount View’s seventh and eighth grade band.

My sixth grade band class consisted of approximately 30 people, but just two years later has shrunk to just 11. This is due primarily to the strictures placed on the band for COVID safety. At the beginning of 2020 we had to play outside, 14 feet apart. Not only did it take up valuable class time to get to the field, but wind and inclement weather made practicing near impossible. Soon the cold forced us inside for the winter, where we were unable to play any wind instruments and therefore had to play percussion or merely talk. Throughout these occurrences band members left one by one, until numbers approached a record low.

The few loyal band members who remained by March began playing inside again, but with strict protocols in place; we had to play 10 feet apart with bags over wind instruments and masks with holes in them to filter air. On June 10 we were finally able to perform a concert in the open air, ending an arduous but fun year of  band.

I am extremely grateful for the ingenuity of our band instructors who came up with creative ways to teach within the strictures, and to the students who stuck with the band through the difficult times. Our concert last week took place in the auditorium as normal, and went off quite nicely. Hopefully the band will gain more members in the future and return to the size and glory that it once knew.


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