Information, please

There was a little boy, about 7 years old, who shot his first deer on Youth Deer Day Oct. 23; he lives in Cora Hannington’s old place here in Morrill. If you know his name and his father’s, please call or email me. My friend Cheryl took his picture and told him she knew a lady that would put it in the paper and he had the biggest smile. I would love to put his picture with his and his dad’s names in the paper. Thank you.

Today was a very sad day, Oct. 29. Cliff and Allison Littlefield lost their home and everything in it. Everyone got out as I was told. Just would like to tell them all our thoughts and prayers are with them and their two boys.

Volunteer Fire Department news

We start this week with a profile of one of your Morrill neighbors. Ladies Auxiliary member Melodie Bagley has been active in the Auxiliary for over 35 years. She has worked at many of the fundraisers, such as the annual auctions. Also she has seen her own three children and many of her grandchildren
visit Santa at the Fire Station.

Melodie is a widow, her husband Dana was a Morrill Fire Department member. Watching her grandchildren participate in sports activities, kayaking, reading and doing crafts keeps her busy. Melodie has been an example of a neighbor and friend who has grown into the thread of the Fire Department and its support group, the Ladies Auxiliary.

We all owe a hearty thank-you to her for all she has done for this community. Thank you, Melodie.

We remind all who burn wood to please see that your chimneys are clean and in good condition as we are now in our colder season. Check your smoke detectors often and change the batteries when you change your clocks seasonally. And please do NOT dispose of ashes in cardboard boxes or plastic pails.

Hope everyone had a really great Halloween and lots of children who came to your homes.


My deepest sympathy goes out to Rob and Deb Newcomb and family in the loss of his mom, Linda Newcomb, on Oct. 14. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Quote of the week

Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Unkind people give you lessons and the awesome people give you memories. — Zig Ziglar