Drive-up Chili

The Palermo Community Library is sponsoring a Drive-up Chili Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 6, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (rain date Nov. 7). The cost is $7 for a 12-oz. container of delicious homemade chili (spicy, mild or meatless), a cornbread muffin, a 16-oz. bottle of water, and two chocolate chip cookies. Pre-orders will be accepted by phone by calling the library at 993-6088, Diane at 993-2040 or Anne at 314-5930. Additional servings of chili may be purchased for $5 each. Your order will be delivered curbside, right to your car. Let us do the cooking so you don’t have to! Come help make this library fundraiser a great success! The library is located at 2789 Route 3. For more information, call 993-6088, email or visit

First deer!

Riley Gould, 11, daughter of Matt Gould and Nichoal Hood, shot her first deer on Youth Day Oct. 23.

Riley woke up at 5 a.m. and got dressed in three layers of clothes. She said, “We went down the giant hill and sat on the stand. Maybe it was like 20 feet high. We sat for a half-hour and saw a deer to the left — too far away. Saw another about 200 yards away. I shot, but it got away.”

Not even 5 minutes later, another deer came from the same direction, but Riley couldn’t shoot it because she could only see the head. She took an afternoon break, then went out again at about 4:30 p.m. She kept hearing noises behind her: Just squirrels! Patience.

Eight minutes before sunset (6:07 p.m.), there was a fawn and its momma, perhaps with the dad nearby in the herd. Riley (with coaching from her dad about rifle safety), stood up halfway in the stand, then stood up fully. She pointed her 7 mm .08 rifle as the doe looked at her. One shot in the upper rib cage, and the doe was down. She twitched twice and was gone. Humane shot! And an excellent job for her first successful hunt.

The only thing Riley was sad about was that the doe had a fawn with her. But the nearly yearling was eating grass, so didn’t need to depend on momma for food and will probably blend into the herd for the winter.

Riley tagged her deer and brought it home. Her dad taught her how to cut it. He did the bottom half, and she did the top. It was too heavy for her to pick up, even at 120 pounds after dressing out. He advised her to let it hang in the shed for a week before he teaches her to butcher. She likes to eat the heart so saved it inside the deer.

Following her successful hunt, Riley said, “It was exciting and surprising! I had my fingers crossed the whole time!”