Nov. 10, 1831

The number of buildings erected in Bangor the present year will not fall much short of one hundred. Among these are 14 large brick stores, in two blocks 3 stories high, the lower story of hewn granite, besides several wooden ones. Rents are still enormously high, particularly stores.

Nov. 9, 1866

Singular Accident. On Friday afternoon, as a young man named Elwell was driving a horse and cart along the road in this city, about half way to Little River Bridge, the horse, from some unknown cause, commenced to run. Seeing ahead a wagon with a woman in it coming toward him, the young man endeavored to avoid her by turning out to the side of the road; but he was overturned and thrown into the ditch. The horse, freed from the wagon, ran directly toward the other team, and struck the horse, the animals coming together with a tremendous shock. The wagon was overturned, and the woman, a Mrs. Abbott, thrown  out and considerably injured. The horse that the woman was driving, fell dead in an instant, in his tracks, without any outward sign of injury. The animal belonged to Randall Ellis.

Nov. 5, 1874

Prof. Whitten wants the community to get their dancing legs in order, as he is about to commence operations, of which due notice is given. He is now teaching a school of eighty couples on Hurricane Island.

Charles Crary, auctioneer, on Tuesday sold eleven horses at auction on the Square, in front of the Post-office. A large portion belonged to a Mr. Taber, who last season gave traveling entertainments. The price averaged about $50 per horse.

Nov. 9, 1899

The iron girders for the court house extension arrived Saturday, and the only drawback now to pushing the works is a lack of brick-layers. The work is progressing as fast as could be expected with a short crew in that line.

Nov. 8, 1917

Among the eighty Maine hotels to sign the food pledge for two white breadless days and two meatless days each week were the following from Waldo county: The Waquoit at Northport, Mountain View Farm and Willow Farm both of Lincolnville and York’s Hotel at Brooks.

The Food Conservation Cards. Last Saturday 3778 cards pledging support to Mr. Hoover and others concerned in food conservation for the benefit of the men at war were signed by Waldo county women and reported to Chairman O. E. Frost and Mrs. C. W. Wescott, vice chairman. While our total is 5,000 on an estimate of 80 per cent of the county’s population it was found that in the towns of Northport, Islesboro, Searsport and Stockton Springs many of the families leave town for the winter months and were not present when the canvassers called.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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