Rapid Renewal

The Secretary of State’s Office announced that Swanville has joined the state’s Rapid Renewal service.  We can now renew our motor vehicle registrations online at a website specifically for this function:

This is an e-commerce service allowing citizens to conduct business with both state and municipal governments. It is gaining national acclaim and Mainers who have heard of it are enthusiastic. While municipal participation is optional, there are 323 municipalities in Maine that are now participating, with 2.4 million transactions processed since its inception. Payments for registration and excise taxes can be made via e-check or credit cards, and the site is up 24/7.

You may still continue to register your car with Helen at the Swanville Town Office during normal business hours. This is still a need for those who are registering a new car and need license plates. The yearly reflective stickers for your plates will still be there as well, for immediate application.

If you find that your registration has lapsed, this service will be handy on weekends and times when the office isn’t open. Once you have paid online, an email is sent to you to print out and carry in your car. Should you be stopped, this receipt is legal proof of registration, and your plate stickers will be mailed to you from the Secretary of State’s Office within 30 days.


Swanville passed all three referendum questions: Q. 1, 290 to 169; Q. 2, 293 to 166; and Q. 3, 296 to 163.

First hard frost

Liquified is my incredible once-in-a-lifetime-of-summers perfect pink begonia yesterday, Nov. 4. I have never seen this kind of begonia before, with its long blossom stems that mounded the planter with color and never dried out. It’s hard (for me anyway) to find a plant and have the luck to place it exactly where it wants to flourish. The ground was white with frost, and the plant was not given a reprieve from the night’s cold temperatures when the sun came up.

Hesitation for the last couple of weeks, while trying to figure out how to get the 30-gallon galvanized tin can, with the 60 pounds of potting soil, up and into the house caused its demise. One never knows what can be growing in potting soil that has been outdoors for years, and we didn’t want any new residents in the kitchen. Lack of a truly waterproof tray to put under such a large thing was also a factor. One is grateful that the frost didn’t arrive until November.

The swamp maples along Goose River, I have noticed, seem to turn red in the first week of August if the snows are going to be deep. They didn’t turn colors until the last week of September, so we’ll see if they are right this year.

Swan Lake Association

Special thanks to the Swan Lake Association, which met monthly for the summer and raised money for providing the weekend boat inspections at the boat ramp for another busy year. Members were especially supportive of the purchase of the water rights to our lake and the work that went into that transaction. Our lake remains of the highest water quality for our state and New England.