As I write this there’s a pot of quince poaching on the stove. I plan to give some of it away as a thank-you to family friends who invited us to pick lots of fruit from their property this year. I’m following a recipe from David Lebovitz that is easy enough to find online. Fingers crossed my first attempt comes out well.

Our hearts and minds are with the families and friends of those both in Waldo and our surrounding towns who have experienced losses lately. Calvin Elwell, Hazel Fuller and Jason Hubbard are constantly in my thoughts. It is hard to make sense of such loss. Life is sweet and fleeting. May we give thanks a little early this year for the ways those dear to us touch our lives.

I cut the last fresh flower bouquet for a customer on Nov. 3. Nov. 3 and 4 were our first hard frosts of the year. Within roughly a two-week span we went from a high of 81 degrees to a low of 22. While the weather here never ceases to be exciting, we are familiar with these types of swings and extremes. Not surprising to any CMP customer in the area, we lost power on Halloween. Thankfully it was not a three-day event that is becoming more and more common with any power outage here.

I’ve been asked to share that there is a substitute teacher training class for Regional School Unit 3 on Nov. 10 and 17 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. (there will be another training class on Dec. 1 and 15). The training is free for residents of the RSU 3 district. The schools need substitute teachers. You can register online at rsu3.maineadulted.org.

Good luck to all the hunters in Waldo looking to fill their family’s freezer, and a reminder to everyone to wear blaze orange when you’re out and about in these rural parts. Monty has taken quite well to wearing his blaze orange beanie!






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