This week I went out to dig potatoes for breakfast. It was already 40 degrees; I took a deep breath to try and imprint the mild fresh air into my lungs before the cold comes back. We planted three varieties of potatoes and I have no idea which rows are which. I put the shovel in the dirt and up came smooth pink and yellow splotched pinto golds.

These potatoes are nostalgic for me. They remind me of the first year my husband and I were dating. He had tossed some seed potatoes into freshly turned lawn in his yard that spring; in the fall we dug them up on chilly mornings, rushing back inside to the first wood fires of the season and cooked them up.

I think of those early days fondly each fall when one of us goes out to the kitchen garden and comes back with a colander of freshly dug potatoes; a blast of cool air and memory following through the door.

Beaver activity along Route 131 near the Waldo-Swanville line. Photo by Sadie Lloyd Mudge

The beavers have been at work on the side of Route 131, where White Brook runs between the road and the big power lines near the Swanville line. What was already a marshy area is now turning into a larger body of standing water. I can’t help but think it might be a great ice skating spot this winter if you could figure out where to park safely.

The rainstorm we had two weeks ago dropped roughly 5.25 inches of rain on us. It is less of a shock after the 12 inches we had in July, but the ground seems to be much more saturated than it was during the summer.

Have a great week ahead, and please email me with local happenings or news in your area of town!

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