Nov. 21, 1856

One of the porkers.—On Wednesday we saw in our streets a porker weighing 800 pounds, dressed, which we learned was raised on the farm of Mrs. Fuller, of Freedom. The bulk of flesh was purchased by Mr. Reuben Sibley. If any one has raised a larger hog, let him, (or her,) make the statement.

Nov. 23, 1866

A Bear About. Near Beach Hill, in Northport, a bear has been seen a number of times recently, causing some excitement in that region. Mr. Herrick, of that neighborhood, was riding one evening last week, with his wife and children, when his horse, a remarkably steady one, became frightened at some object by the roadside, and ran away. Mr. Herrick thinks the horse saw the bear. Here is a chance for our hunters.

Nov. 23, 1876

The manners and customs of the forefathers are being overturned. Beans are giving way to clams as a Sunday dinner.

If the teachers of the public schools will keep their blackboard crayons where the boys cannot appropriate them, much offensive chalking on fences and walks may be prevented.

Nov. 18, 1886

The trade in rubber footwear had a boom Saturday morning.

Improvements at the Railway Station. Mr. F. E. Crowley the M. C. R. R. agent in this city, has been notified that the company will build an awning in front of the station and on the west end of the platform, to be ready this winter. The interior of the station is also to be altered and a baggage room built. In a letter to Mr. Crowley General Manager Tucker says: “I want to let your citizens know that we are thinking of them and take an interest in your city.”

Nov. 19, 1896

There will be a Thanksgiving ball at McGray’s Hall, East Knox, Nov. 26th. Good music, and supper for those who wish. The dancing public are cordially invited.

Nov. 22, 1906

There are seven students from Waldo County in the entering class at the University of Maine.

Nov. 23, 1916

The Belfast Bowling Team went to Rockland last Friday evening for the second game in the series for the silver cup. The result was a victory by 46 pins for the Rockland team. The total pinfall for Rockland was 2,268 and for Belfast 2,222. In the first game Belfast won by 71 pins so that they still lead by 25 pins. The Rockland team will come here tomorrow, Friday, evening for the third game.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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