BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 4  through Nov. 10 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


James A. Bradney III to James A. Bradney III and Donna M. Jackson.

Norman B. Moulton to Norman Moulton and Sylvia Moulton.

Ashley Sorrentino, Adam Sorrentino and Ashley Shute to David B. MacGibeny.

Tina F. Shute and Benjamin Shute to David B. MacGibeny and Lisa L. MacGibeny.

Eileen S. Gatewood to Featherlight Acupuncture LLC.

Kayla Meredith Thompson Miller and Michael Thompson to Meaghan Gilbert.

Ann Louise Fernald Est. and Ann F. Borwick Est. to Joel T. Lee.

Roderick A. Hall and Judith A. Hall to James J. Martin II.

Wayne R. Perkins Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Jonathan J. Perkins Living Trust.


Jon S. Caron and Shawn I. Caron to John S. Caron and Shawn I. Caron.

Jon S. Caron and Shawn I. Caron to Fuschia R. Caron and Brandon Cyr.

Jon S. Caron and Shawn I. Caron to Gerard Greenough and Pauline Greenough.

Jon S. Caron and Shawn I. Caron to Caleb Cross.


Matthew D. Shaw to Sidney Moore and William Barriault II.

Rhonda L. Willette and Rhonda L. Graves to Amanda J. Heath.

Jem Trust to Jon Farnsworth and Jennifer Farnsworth.

Jon Farnsworth and Jennifer Farnsworth to Tammy L. Marks and Lorraine A. Norman.

Richard M. Grover and Tammy A. Grover to David Burchill and Beth Burchill.

Carolyn R. Griglio and Michael Griglio to Michael Griglio.


Town of Frankfort to Ronald Tufts.


Mary Shonach Mirk-Robles, Shonach Mirk-Robles and Shonach Mirk to Juan M. J. Coronado and Paula K. Mirk.

Aileen M. Reynolds to Roger P. Reynolds.

Roger P. Reynolds to Roger P. Reynolds and Barbara A. Lombardo.


Jonathan J. Perkins and Daniel M. DeSpain to Jonathan J. Perkins Living Trust.


Town of Liberty to Celeste Jones.

Leonard Wade Knowlton to Lisa Ravin and Kyle Ravin.

Leonard Wade Knowlton to Lee A. Knowlton, Moureen Knowlton, Jefferson Eldridge and Laura A. Eldridge.

Leonard Wade Knowlton to Lee A. Knowlton and Leonard S. Knowlton.


MTGLQ Investors LP to Leon Smith Jr. and Amy M. Smith.

Leah Norwood and Leah Rainy to William R. Clapp and Jillian K. Tullgren.

Sean Harding McGrath to William R. Dunlap III.


Marjorie Tribuzio Adams and Marjorie A. Tribuzio to Marjorie Tribuzio Adams and John Malcom Adams.


Denise Bryant Millay to Charlene Hood.

Wayne F. Dowdy and Tammy J. Dowdy to Brian Krumbholz, Norma L. Krumbholz, Diana Berenice Hoff and Robert James Winchell.


Douglas W. Jones to Ruth E. Koger and Keith Levi.

Jon Cox and Anna Wood-Cox to Patricia Gardner.

Charlotte Giovanella to Charlotte Potts Giovanella Living Trust.


Blue Sphere Energy Solutions LLC to Walter W. Wetmore.

Robert Iserbyt to Kyle Koskinen and Adriane Koskinen.

James A. Mehuren Sr. and James Allen Mehuren to Angela M. Mehuren.


Gerald L. Larrabee and Jerry Larrabee to Stephen K. Moulton Jr.

Stephen K. Moulton Sr. and Stephen K. Moulton Jr. to Stephen K. Moulton Sr.


Alfred R. Deredin Est. to Kermit M. Ingrham Jr. and Lisa G. Ingraham.


Michelle Pilotte, Aaron Pilotte, Donald Tabbutt and Myah Tabbutt to Decks Docks & Flip Flops LLC.

Matthew Farrell and Shiann Farrell to Eric Bryant and Brenda Bryant.


Ryan Neil Parsons to Lynda Joy Hanshaw and Lynda Hanshaw.

Robert E. Knowles to Brian J. Gaudet.

Robert E. Knowles to Amy M. Starbird and Michael D. Starbird.

Seth H. Milton and Amanda A. Wentworth to Seth H. Milton.

Faith Knowlton to Steven J. Knowlton.


Edythe Clair Murphy to John Walker.

Sonja M. Ginn to Benjamin D. Ginn.

Benjamin D. Ginn to Sonja M. Ginn.

John F. Clisham and Jenna S. Pitula to Philip Schenkel and Maureen Schenkel.

Susan R. Haggerty to Teresa J. Hess.

William D. Russo Jr. and Brittani A. Russo to HBH Builders Lawn Care & Snow Removal LLC.