BELFAST — An exhibit of Jon Byrer’s “Puddle Paintings” is on display in the Kramer Gallery of the Belfast Free Library through the end of December.

In an attempt to capture Maine’s raw beauty, Byrer’s technique pushes the abstract trend of fluid art into recognizable impressionist landscapes, portraits and still life paintings. Using red Solo cups, Byrer pours the paint onto his canvas and then allows the natural eddies, whirls and mixing of the paint to create organic swirling images. Once the paint is poured, the canvas is never manipulated or touched by instruments (no brushes, pallet knife, etc.).

“My approach to ‘painting’ allows for a natural emergence of images and tone,” said Byrer. “I have endowed each of these paintings with their own ‘life’ by creating images out of numerous serendipitous puddles of paint.”

The Kramer Gallery is located on the ground floor of the Belfast Free Library, 106 High St., and is open during library hours. Visit for more information.