SEARSMONT — Two local businesses that complement each other perfectly, according to their owners, have joined forces to offer a unique dining experience at a community brewery. 

Threshers Brewery and The Stone Brick Oven Kitchen of Northport not only have weathered the pandemic storm, but have actually thrived in it. A new kitchen addition to the Searsmont brewery in the Come Spring industrial park will offer pizza, calzones and hand pies, along with grinders, salads and homemade chili from The Stone. 

The Stone owner Stacy Schlenser, Threshers head brewer Blue Williams, and Threshers owners Scott and Nicole Bendtson, from left, pictured Nov. 17 at the Searsmont brewery. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

Scott Bendtson, co-owner of Threshers Brewery along with his wife, Nicole, and another partner, said completion of the kitchen and brick oven went quickly, even though the entire project has been underway for about a year. There were a lot of regulations to follow, he said, and with state capacity limits for indoor gatherings, things got pushed back.

There was also a lot of work that needed to be done, he said. Where the kitchen now stands is where the brewery used to be and everything had to be moved. While they were moving things around, they updated their equipment and figured out what was needed. “Then we built it,” he said. In June or July of this year, the kitchen started to take shape.

Kitchen manager Kedrick Carson, who also hosts open mic nights at Threshers, is credited with bringing the Threshers and The Stone together. Stone owner Stacy Schlenser said her whole staff are Threshers regulars. “We met about a year ago,” she said. “With craft pizza and craft beer, it’s a perfect marriage.”

The Stone Kitchen Manager Kedrick Carson prepares a pizza at Threshers Brewery in Searsmont Nov. 17. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

Nicole Bendtson quipped, “We’re going to start a family together.” The first time the owners of the two businesses got together, she added, was kind of like a date setup. “We both have the same goals, and like the same foods…” 

Schlenser said she had always wanted to open a second location. “Coming to an already thriving business was a real no-brainer.” The majority of The Stone’s crew, she said, have been with her for over two years, which is similar to the Threshers gang of employees. 

The eclectic bar at Threshers brewery. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

Besides great food and top-notch beers made on site, the two businesses also have something that nobody in the area is offering — free delivery. Head brewer Blue Williams said they are the first and only place in Searsmont that delivers beer and pizza within a 10-mile radius. The free delivery service is available only on Wednesdays; Thursday through Sunday there is a delivery charge. 

During the height of the pandemic, he said, they did a lot of beer deliveries, but had discontinued the service once people were allowed back inside, until now.

The kitchen opened the week of Nov. 10 for the first time and Schlenser said, “it was super-busy. It was flawless,” 

Throughout the pandemic, Threshers’ crew said, they have had a committed group of people from the community who have kept the brewery alive. Even when the operation was forced to be outside during the winter, Bendtson said, people kept coming, huddling around the handmade metal fire stoves. “We stayed open the entire time,” he said. In the summer, Nicole said, they were able to book the best bands, who could not find venues to play because of the pandemic. 

People socialize at Threshers Brewery in Searsmont Nov. 17. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

“The best part of Threshers,” she said, “is the authenticity. Many people have said, I love the vibe.” The loft-looking industrial building that houses the 5 1/2-year-old brewery has many repurposed and handmade objects that give it a one-of-kind feel. Between trivia night, open mic night, karaoke and live bands, fire pits out in front, and now with the dining option, Threshers has a lot to offer. 

Schlenser echoed the idea of authenticity when talking about her own business. “Pizza shouldn’t be pretentious,” she said. “It should be fun.” Specialty pizza options, she said, can range from Mexican street corn pizza to a Pad Thai pizza.

The brewery at Threshers. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

Referring to the lawn tractor races Threshers sponsored last summer, Williams said one traveler from out of state told him, “This is the most redneck thing I’ve ever seen — but I love it. You can do that here?”

Threshers head brewer Blue Williams shows off a booth made from a Cadillac that is in the works Nov. 17. Photo by Fran Gonzalez

As a bit of a tease, Nicole added that The Stone will be joining Threshers at its new Greenville location in the future, “Then Vegas, then the moon.”

To place an order for pickup or to preorder for dining in, call 342-2337, or for The Stone’s Northport location, 338-2600. For more information, visit, or check them out on Facebook.