BELFAST — The following cases were closed in Waldo County criminal courts between Nov. 05 and Nov. 11.

Tyler W. Stover, 21, of Oakland, aggravated criminal mischief., dismissed; criminal mischief, $300 fine.

Thomas Tracey, 54, of Belfast, operating while license suspended or revoked, dismissed; OUI (alcohol), one prior, $700 fine, 12 days in jail, stayed until Feb. 18, 2022, license suspended three years.

Patrice Massicotte, 51, of Belfast, Sept. 26, 2019, unlawful furnishing scheduled drug, $400 fine, two years in prison, all but 60 days suspended, stayed until Nov. 19; Dec. 18, 2019, violating condition of release, 14 days in jail, stayed until Nov. 19; Aug. 9, unlawful possession of scheduled drug, $400 fine, $400 suspended; violating condition of release, 48 hours in jail, stayed until Nov. 19.

Timothy Sweetland, 45, of Belfast, OUI (alcohol), $500 fine, license suspended 150 days; assault, dismissed.

Zachary Lear, 23, of Monroe, terrorizing, seven days in jail.

Lucas Trask, 20, of Bangor, July 25, 2020, unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, 29 days in jail, probation partially revoked, probation continued.

Antonio S. Baudanza, 25, of Rockland, motor vehicle speeding 30+ MPH over speed limit, dismissed; reckless conduct, $300 fine.

Travis J. Keene, 38, of Belfast, failure to make oral or written accident report, dismissed.

Brett M. Secotte, 33, of Unity, disorderly conduct, fighting, $150 fine.

Erin Lynn Pawliczek, 28, of Montville, assault on an emergency medical care provider, dismissed; assault, $500 fine.

Steven L. Kenney, 65, of Brooks, violating condition of release, $250 fine.

Derek Wilson, 40, of Unity, assault, $300 fine.

Karl H. Orwig, 34, of Rockport, OUI (alcohol), one prior, $700 fine, 15 days in jail, license suspended 150 days, registration suspended three years.

Erin R. Beeton, 34, of Brooks, operating while license suspended or revoked, $250 fine.