Furthering your education seems to be this week’s theme.

Regional School Unit 3 is offering a free high school biology class, starting with an online meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. This class would be fascinating for anyone, but particularly for someone who wanted to pursue a medical career. It runs for 15 weeks, all at no charge.

Relatedly, the school district will hold additional substitute teacher classes, first on Wednesday, Dec. 1, and then on Dec. 15. For both events, please contact Sue Brennan for more information, at 568-3426, ext. 1802.

UMaine Hutchinson Center is currently accepting proposals for classes to be taught at the center. If you have expertise in a field that would interest people who want to further their professional development — through courses in such subjects as customer service, human resources, and technology — Hutchinson Center invites you to propose your course to them. More information can be found at UMaine Hutchinson website: https://hutchinsoncenter.umaine.edu/2021/11/10/call-for-proposals-professional-development/. Note that while UMaine Hutchinson is especially looking for courses that fit one of its focus areas, they will accept submissions across any subject matter.

Finally, the Mount View High School Chamber Singers will perform at Freedom Congregational Church on Thursday, Dec. 2, at 7 pm. Visit the Chamber Singers Facebook page for more information. I remember thoroughly enjoying this group back when they would perform in high school. I have not had the pleasure of seeing them perform their “Carols in the Round,” but I’m sure it is a wonderful opportunity, and encourage everyone who can to go.

That’s all for me this week — I hope you all have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. Did you know that there is some controversy around where the first Thanksgiving actually took place? I read a 2019 Bangor Daily News article that said President Reagan alleged in a 1985 speech that the first Thanksgiving feast might have taken place in Popham Colony (Maine), 14 years before the Pilgrims’ feast in Massachusetts. Fight over that with your out-of-state guests, instead of politics!