Hello Monroe!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We plan to spread our week out by visiting with family and close friends. I’m hoping that spreads out the calories, as well!

My Aunt Ilene asked recently what three “must haves” make our Thanksgiving menu; I had trouble narrowing mine down to just three, but ultimately settled on her stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, and winter squash, not too runny! I also added my mom’s angel biscuits to the list…and frankly I think pies should have their own category. What three (or more!) items make your Thanksgiving food list?

Gallery open

Elwell Farm Gallery is open! The new show featuring guest artists Alyce Wherren and Pamela Heddon, called “Monroe and Vicinity,” offers historic views of our town, as well as more recent views of our beautiful New England landscape. And for the children, there are more playful creations. Shop local this holiday season for heritage that can be displayed for generations.

“Monroe and Vicinity,” with over one hundred paintings on view, will be open weekends until Christmas, or by appointment by contacting or 525-3130. The gallery is located at 50 Elwell Road, Monroe.

Another of the paintings on display at the new Elwell Gallery in Monroe. Photo courtesy of Ralph Elwell

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday to the following Monroe community members celebrating this December: Erick Aitken (3rd), Neva Moody (4th), Kassandra Shute (18th), and Hayden Porter (27th).

And a very happy 47th wedding anniversary goes out to Monroe’s Ray and Cindy Moody, celebrating on Dec. 21. I love to hear Cindy tell of how she and Ray wed young, on the winter solstice, with purple velvet hand muffs instead of flowers and a little snow on that special day. I hope to see photographs soon!

Deer down

Here are the latest statistics for deer reported as taken in Monroe, tagged at the Monroe Country Store: Kevin Clark, buck; Jason Linscott, 145-lb. doe; Daniel Hotham, 5-pt.; Shawn Colcord, 8-pt., 184-lb.; Kyle Tripp, doe; Bruce Stubbs, doe; Bradley Lavin, 8-pt., 170-lb.; Rob Lambeth, 6-pt.; Alex Runci, 10-pt., 180-lb.; David Doak, doe; David Tripp, doe; Colby Trask, 4-pt., 107-lb.; Jacob Mairhuber, 8-pt.; David Knight, doe; Brine, 4-pt., 122-lb.; James Marden, doe; Paul Craig, 8-pt., 120-lb.; Marc Patterson, two does; Darren Harringman, 3-pt., 111-lb.; Ken Smart, 114-lb.doe; Todd Jackson, doe; Dan Donovan, 6-pt., 131-lb.; Larry Totten, buck; Brandy Harriman, 5-pt., 134-lb.; Oai Ha, 2-pt., 108-lb.; Gilman Russell, doe; Wayne Sundquist, buck; Alan Shultz, 3-pt.; Ben Hooper, 8-pt.; Mike Robinson, doe; Eben Bucklin, 8-pt., 162-lb.; Drew Pickering, fawn buck; David Adornsen, 6-pt.; Michael Trask, 8-pt., 204-lb.; Ashley Mairhuber, doe; Michael Norgang, doe; Andrew Gibbs, 6-pt., 155-lb.; Harold Moody, 141-lb.buck; Jeff Hennessey, doe; Brittany Ward, doe; Clarence Ward, doe; Harold Lavin, 9-pt., 211-lb.; Terence Ward, buck; Seth Violette, 154-lb. buck; Keith Kingsbury, doe; Brad Eden, doe; Anthony Smen, buck; and Jerry Longcore, 3-pt.

As of early Friday morning, Nov. 19, over 150 deer had been tagged at the store. Check out the poster next time you’re in, and don’t forget to grab something good from the kitchen before you leave!

Have a great week!

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