As Thanksgiving begins, Maine’s infamous winter draws ever closer. Weeks ago the first frosts occurred, killing any crops not yet harvested, and now snow has begun to fall. Within a few weeks there may be snow blanketing the ground, autumn having met an early demise.

The most obvious effect of the seasonal change is, of course, the temperature drop. The further into the winter you go, the more layers you must wear to ward off the biting cold. Another is the days becoming progressively shorter, thanks in part to the end of Daylight Saving Time. When I return home in the afternoon, I usually go for a walk, but my walk is reaching farther and farther into the twilight.

My family heats our house almost exclusively by wood, which we gather from our own land. We have almost filled our woodshed now, but the work is not yet complete. Anyone who relies on the heat of a woodstove, but for whatever reason lacks the necessary fuel, can contact the Waldo County Woodshed at 338-2692.

Despite all the hardships they cause, many still draw immense enjoyment from Maine’s winters. Perhaps it’s the holidays, the community, or just the simple wonder of a winter forest. Regardless, most Mainers have at least some affinity for the winter. So as we descend into its icy envelopment, enjoy the cold and dark.


The Good Natured Shop in Liberty is selling heart-shaped ornaments on the 26th of November. All proceeds will go to the Liberty Fire Department.

The South Liberty Baptist Church will be performing the children’s musical “Christmas Spirit” on Saturday, Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. Cookies and hot cocoa will be provided after the play.