BELFAST — Penobscot Shores opened its doors to residents in September 1996. To mark the retirement community’s 25th anniversary, residents Brenda Smith and Tim Woitowitz, along with Executive Director Mary Sargent, buried a 25th anniversary time capsule, to be unearthed 25 years in the future.

During the course of 2021, the community has been celebrating the 25th anniversary with barbecues, musical entertainment, a community garden walk, campfires, production of “Happy,” a music video featuring residents, and even a street carnival.

Inside the capsule, future residents will find such artifacts as a written history of the past year with COVID-19, a message from residents, a poem, photographs from 2020-21, face masks, a copy of the resident handbook, a thumb drive of the “Happy” video, honey from the meadow and trinkets from residents.

By the Ocean House garden boxes, a plaque will be placed on the bench next to the time capsule burial site to remind residents where to look in 2046.  The capsule is not to be opened until 2046 for Penobscot Shores’ 50th anniversary.