NORTHPORT — The Select Board held a hearing on a proposed amendment to the town’s Ordinance for Traffic Control and Vehicle Weight on Posted Ways Nov. 22, and had what Town Administrator James Kossuth called “a really fruitful, productive discussion” with residents about the best way to accomplish its aims.

The proposed change would have closed the unpaved portion of Bluff Road from the date of adoption “until further notice.” In addition, it would have closed the portion of Upper Bluff Road and Bluff Road between 250 Upper Bluff Road and 260 Bluff Road from Oct. 1 through April 30 for all motor vehicles. It would also have imposed a weight limit on vehicles traveling the roads at any time of year.

After hearing the responses of residents to the proposed amendment, Kossuth said, the board decided not to approve it, but instead to hold another hearing on a new proposed amendment at its next meeting. The new proposal will require the specified portions of Upper Bluff Road and Bluff Road be posted for no through trucks and local traffic only. It will also direct that signs be posted warning drivers of the steepness of the hill grade at the top of the hill. Kossuth said Road Commissioner Amon Morse hopes to pave the top of the hill next year, and if that happens, the town could then undertake to plow that part of the road in winter.

In other business, the board heard a report from the Broadband Committee that it had met with the town’s GWI representative and the company has requested permission from Central Maine Power Co. to attach cables to its poles. Once permission has been received, GWI will work through the winter stringing cable as weather allows, Kossuth said.

The town learned from Department of Transportation officials that it could not, as it had hoped, move a flashing school zone sign to give drivers earlier warning as they approached Edna Drinkwater School. Instead, DOT officials will come look at the site and meeting with school and town representatives to suggest ways to make the zone safer for all, according to Kossuth.

Finally, the board set $16,200 as the minimum bid price for a 1.7-acre parcel of tax-acquired property at 17 Oak Drive it is offering for sale. Bids will be opened at the meeting Jan. 10, 2022.

The board’s next meeting is Monday, Dec. 13, at 6 p.m.

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