Here’s hoping that everyone had a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving. As per me, I cooked a chicken on Thanksgiving afternoon. While I prefer turkey, a whole turkey is just too much for one person.

The day being a nice one, I decided to get out and go fishing, so I visited one of several trout streams that are now open year-round. Fish bit well and it was fairly warm, so a good day all in all.

With snow becoming a regular feature of the local weather forecast, I always wake up wondering if any white stuff had fallen overnight. This doesn’t even require looking out the window, since I live on Loggin Road in Frankfort and the town road crew is out as soon as the first few flakes fall and remain on duty throughout each storm.

This means that before I even get out of bed, I can hear the plows going by and that tells me it has snowed. This state-of-the-art road maintenance is something I am still not fully used to.

Christmas Fair

The Frankfort Congregational Church’s Fall/Christmas Fair was a rousing success. The best part of it all was that it got people out and about, to catch up and to share news. The fair also provided an opportunity for folks to pick up all kinds of useful items at a low price. It was good to see so many familiar, and also new, faces. I even met some long-time readers for the first time. It’s so nice that these community events are back on track. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen.

History note

The following bit of news from old-time Frankfort comes from the Bangor Daily News, Dec. 12, 1936:

“Huge Gravel Pile Reduced to Hillock in Search of Gold of 18th Century Pirate Gibbs: A great hoax was put over on to Frankfort and Prospect treasure seekers 42 years ago by John Hurly, a clerk employed in the Mt. Waldo granite works.

“Hurly planted a number of Mexican coins in the old gravel mound and utilized a confederate to launch a treasure hunt. There were several in the party, and they descended upon the mound with shovels, picks and crowbars. After some little digging had been done the Mexican coins were uncovered, and great excitement prevailed among the treasure hunters.

“Sure that they were close to the main cache the diggers worked like mad, shoveling away many tons of gravel. They were in a state of acute exhaustion when one of their number happened to look at the date on one of the Mexican coins and the jig was up. The date was a comparatively recent one, barring all possibility that it could have been buried there by Gibbs the pirate. Realizing that they were the victims of a huge practical joke, they went home swearing vengeance against the perpetrator.”

Weekly quote

Old British motto: “In December keep yourself warm and sleep.”