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As I sit writing this, the wind is howling in Severna Park, Maryland — just up from the Chesapeake Bay, the whitecaps a close second to Penobscot Bay, without the swells. We were very thankful to get together with family — some of whom we’d not seen in two years. Looks like we’ll see the first snow of the season when we fly into Bangor on Saturday night!

Carol singing

Have you been missing singing carols in the brisk December air? Now’s your chance to join in with a group of carol singers meeting every Sunday of Advent to sing for about a half-hour. On Sunday, Dec. 4, the second Sunday of Advent, the carolers will meet at 3 p.m. in front of the First Congregational Church (next to JP’s).

Brown-tail moths

I am sure you do not want to be thinking about Brown-tail moths at this particular time, but, the Maine Forest Service has noted Jackson as a location with populations of brown-tail moths that are “very high in parts of … town … and abundant enough to cause significant discomfort in a far broader area.” The best way to see what the coming year will bring in terms of brown-tail moth numbers is to survey the trees around you for their nests, and per the state, mid-December through March is the best time to do this. Please take a look at the Maine Forest Service website for links to videos on how to best identify and remove nests from your trees, along with extensive links to past surveys and ID photos of nests, caterpillars, and info on their life cycle.

Town Office

The next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 7, 6:30 p.m. The next Select Board meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 14, 6:30 p.m.

Christmas history nugget

I always find it fascinating to contemplate the beginnings of our Christmas traditions, and one of my favorites is the Advent Calendar. “The tradition arose from German Protestants in the 1800s as a way for children to count down to Christmas Day, and spread across the world during the 20th century to become the main secular observance of the season.

“Gerard Lang is thought to have created the first commercially printed Advent Calendar in 1908, inspired by his mother, who sewed 24 cookies into the lid of a box and allowed him to eat one per day through December.”

Source: https:news.co.uk/light-relief/advent-2021-when-start-sunday-date-meaning-season-why-have-calendars-explained-1313898/amp

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends as they enjoy their Festival of Lights  through Dec. 6!