BELFAST — Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Staples has received a commendation for saving the life of an individual found unconscious in a car last month in Morrill.

According to an account published on the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, in the course of a business check in Morrill during the overnight hours of Nov. 11, Staples found a vehicle parked in a suspicious location. He discovered the occupant unconscious and “showing no signs of life.”

“As a result of Deputy Staples’ immediate sound decision-making (and) ability to render crucial first aid, including administering Narcan, the subject was transferred for further medical attention and survived the incident,” the account read. “It is without a doubt that Deputy Staples’ actions saved the life of a human being on that night.”

For his service and decision-making “in standing with the high level of service and professionalism that the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office strives to achieve … above and beyond the normal level of response,” Staples received a formal commendation.