BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 18 through Nov. 24 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Harold E. Brown Est. to Barry W. Hanstein and Penelope Hanstein.

Devora Stager to Ben Holz and Callie Holz.

Richard Price and Sheila Price to Nancy Trimper and Kate Nangle.

John O. Murphy and Diane L. Murphy to John H. Pooler and Nicole M. Pooler.

Suzanne Ruth Trumbull to Suzanne Ruth Trumbull and James Hershleder.

Serendipity Place LLC to Linda Lee.


Verlesta J. Wellman to Maranda LaForge and Noah LaForge.


Abby Rowland Webb and Margaret R. Webb to Shaun Alan King and Judith A. King.

Carolyn L. Shute Est. to Harold V. Shute.

Louis Calcagni Jr. to Helen D. Chirigotis and Michael J. Machado.


Dana L. Mosher to Tanner Kelleter.

Barbara A. Henkle to Alesia Howell.


Town of Frankfort to John V. Chambers and Rhonda E. Chambers.

Lynda G. Parker Est. and Lynda G. Parker Est. to Douglas Edward Lyford Jr. and Tara L. Lyford.


Nancy J. Thomas and Nancy Leadbetter to Dawn K. Burns.


Candace E. Meade to E. Joseph Connaughton and Kelli Ann Connaughton.


Roger Burks to Paul T. McCarrier and Roger P. Birks.


Sewell H. Colby to Sewell H. Colby Living Trust.

Gail A. Williams to Williams Family Irrevocable Trust.

Molli Lee McBrien-Boyer to Molli Lee McBrien-Boyer and Aron Michael Shields.

Barbara G. Roberts Est. and Barbara Carol Roberts Est. to Henry Spencer.


CL Real Estate Holdings LLC to All Purpose Storage Lincolnville LLC.

Eric Harrington to Greta M. Peisch and Philip J. Peisch.

Edward C. Foster Jr. Est. to Edward C. Foster Jr. Est.

Walter Lamont Jr. to Brian K. Prescott, John R. Williams and Christine Williams.

Christopher Digango and Marguerite McKean to Colin P. Sarsfield and Molly Ann Rubin.


Tessa L. Batchelder and Tessa L. Anderson to Matthew K. Guimares.

Michelle Bryant to Tyler McCormick and Lindsey Lizotte.


Alan Crichton and Lorna Rode-Crichton to Willis Crichton and Harlan Crichton.


Crystal D. Goguen Living Trust and Tamera R. Doliber to Crystal D. Goguen Living Trust.

John S. Kauer to Sustainable Housing Development Foundation and SHADF.


Jo-Ann M. Nealey to Clair T. Fraser.

Our Bayside LLC to Shirley K. Bershad and David Harris Bershad.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, Michael E. Roy and Michael Roy to Melissa M. Hatch.


Kirk A. Sherman and Judy L. Sherman to Ronald Octavio Cano Rojas and Nina Warah.


Brian Healey and Beatrice Healey to Bennett R. Childs.


Bert W. Folsom to Bert W. Folsom and Tanna M. Folsom.

Town of Searsport to Diane Gilmore and Hillard Gilmore.

John Seavey to Dennis Tripp Jr. and Suzette Knowlton.


Marie-Birdsall-Chaffee Trust-2020 to John William Parent.

Crystal Kettell-Santerre and Michael Santerre to Candice Kettell.

Silva Family Irrevocable Trust to Rowland Revocable Family Trust.

Marsha Shute, Margo Shute, Wesley Shute and Gloria A. HRS Snowman to Margo Shute and Joshua Shute.

Broughman Builders Inc. to Brianna Hogan and Randy Webber Jr.


Elizabeth M. Sullivan to Charles Greenberg and Merri-Ella Greenberg.

Elizabeth Sullivan and Elizabeth Cole to Christopher Cole.

Chaofan Wu to Angela Chen.


Mark D. Babin and Donyse H. Babin to Zachary H. Babin.

Abner Stoll and Jolene Stoll to Stephen Smith.

Abner Stoll and Jolene Stoll to Milo Fisher.

Donald J. Fortin and Pauline M. Fortin to Donald J. Fortin, Pauline M. Fortin and Charlene M. Hillock.


Susan Lauchlan and Kathleen M. Murphy to Stephen J. Byers and Courtney L. Byers.

Stephen J. Byers and Courtney L. Byers to Stephen J. Byers and Courtney L. Byers.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association and Soloneca D. Parker to Nathan Stover and Kelly Stover.


Derek T. Davis and Tisha R. Clark to Daron K. Hanson.

Christopher Hale and Brett Hale to Christopher Hale and Brett Hale

Darren D. Nadeau to Darren Dale Nadeau and Sherri Mushero.