Did you see that CMP is raising the average price for a kilowatt-hour from 6 cents to 11 cents? CMP says that will result in about a $30/month increase for the typical Maine household. The timing of this is awful — why couldn’t the rate change happen when the sun sets at 8:30 p.m. and not 4:30 p.m.?

The Mount View Class of 2011 reunion went well despite only 12 or so people attending. It was held at Lake St. George Brewing Co. in Liberty. I had a fantastic time catching up with quite a few people with whom I went to elementary school, not just high school — many of them still Freedom residents. We conversed as if characters in Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” and bonded over how our kids will, one day soon, be classmates at Mount View. On the other end of the spectrum, we also were able to “reintroduce” ourselves to people who were only acquaintances in high school. It was a great night, and we left only because the brewery was closing.

To be honest, I felt that after not seeing these people for at least 10 years, we would have nothing to talk about. Thankfully, such was not the case. One is a hairdresser in Unity; another a cook across the street from my Belfast office; another lives, like myself, in the same house where he grew up. Even if we didn’t keep in touch over the past 10 years, we had one tie that binds — we either never left home, or anxiously returned when the time came. And even if we left for a time, a part of us was always “home.”

Thanks to the brewery for hosting — their blueberry sour beer is certainly something for which I will return. Also thanks to Lynsie Doherty — high school classmate and current Mount View Elementary guidance counselor — for organizing the event.