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My thoughts and love are extra concentrated lately on my grandmother, Dot Wyman of Liberty, and my mom, Lisa. The rest of my family and I are saddened to have said a final goodbye to Gene Wyman earlier this week. He left peacefully, but the hole left behind is going to be impossible to ever fill.

For me personally, I’ll remember sharing countless cans of black olives at suppers with my grandfather, as well as memories of special trips, like going with him to see Reba and Brooks and Dunn live in Portland, and to visit family in California. I’ll always see him sitting at the head end of the dining room table at most hours of the day, flipping through the latest daily newspaper, astronomy magazine or Uncle Henry’s. I’m thankful for all the visits, birthdays, graduations and other special events he was always present for. Rest easy, Grampa Gene.

Worth celebrating

Happy anniversary to some special neighbors, Ed and Tabitha LePore. Mr. and Mrs. LePore celebrated together on Dec. 1.

Deer down

This will be the last report of deer statistics gleaned from the poster at the Monroe Country Store, our local tagging station, through Nov. 27. Take a trip to the store yourself to see who got lucky during black powder weeks!

The following deer are reported to have been harvested in the town of Monroe: Kyle McDonald, 135-pound doe; Garrett Davis, 5-point, 139-pound; Michael Tripp, buck; Bernard Fournier, 104-pound doe; Paul Wolfe, doe; Matt Story, 9-point, 135-pound; Barrett Prowly, 8-point, 127-pound; Wilbert Corro, doe; Saul Vydes, 8-point, 127-pound; Paul Boulin, doe; Howard Whitcomb, 8-point, 215-pound; Jeff Archer, 189-pound buck; Bruce Cook, doe; Brian Nappi, 100-pound doe; Robert Lambeth, doe; Twlyer Webster, doe; Ethan Stubbs, 8-point, 143-pound; Tristan Ripley, 9-point, 160-pound; Allen Weaver Jr., 10-point, 169-pound; Brody Gibbs, 6-point, 111-pound; Scott Milliken, buck; Chase Brown, 8-point, 169-pound; Logan Clark, buck; Earl Smith, 7-point, 140-pound; Arthur Palmer, 109-pound doe; Dalton Wilbur, 10-point, 169-pound; Angela Paris, 4-point, 103-pound; Michael Sweetman, doe; William Prevett, 8-point; Tom Pickering, doe; Robert Lambeth, doe; Kevin Gray, 3-point; Gunner Richardson, 114-pound doe; Matt Marstonk, buck; Michael Trask, 133-pound buck; Bruce Howard, buck; Brian Sweetman, doe; Steven Story, 3-point buck; Doyle Harriman, doe; Darren Harriman, 110-pound doe; and Andrew Gibbs, 109-pound doe.

As of Nov. 27, the Monroe Country Store had tagged 232 deer! Congratulations to all the successful hunters. Our freezer is thankfully stocked and ready for winter.


Still searching for a unique gift for that special someone? If bouquets of fresh, beautiful flowers are up his or her alley, look into purchasing a Tulip CSA share through Seek-No-Further Farmstead of Monroe.

As reported by the farm: “We grow tens of thousands of tulips in the winter in Maine so that you can bring some spring into your homes while shopping local. As many of you know, we sell out fast at farmers markets, so the CSA is a great way to reserve weekly bouquets for you or your loved ones in advance! Plus, you’ll be guaranteed tulips for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day! Consider shopping small and reserving your local blooms ahead of time by signing up for our 13-week Tulip CSA today!”

Find more information and details by visiting their Facebook page (Seek-No-Further Farmstead), their website ( or by calling 857-939-0248.

Have a great week!

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