Remember, dog licenses are due for renewal before year’s end, so do visit the town office and make Fido legal.

Not much has gone on in town lately, except that the Frankfort Fire Department has yet again posted a timely sign in front of the fire station: “Cold and snow, take it slow.” Good advice, I’d say.

At the time of this writing, Frankfort has several inches of snow on the ground. How long it will last is anybody’s guess, given our see-sawing temperatures as of late. I’m hoping for a big snowstorm because we dearly need the snow cover. When and if that happens, expect inside temperatures to spike a good 3-5 degrees. Snow acts as insulation and shoveling snow up against the foundation will help save on heating bills.

Perchin’ prediction

Many of us are chomping at the bit to get outside and do some ice fishing. Whether we’ll see safe ice anytime soon is debatable. When we finally do get sufficient ice, I’m anxious to head to nearby Silver Lake in Bucksport. I’ve had lots of reports of both white perch and black crappies, two of my favorite panfish. It’s all up to the weather, though.

Old friend

While in the parking lot next to the Frankfort Post Office, someone hollered “Hey Tom.” I didn’t immediately recognize my old friend Scot Taylor. Scot had left Maine for a career in the Big Apple about 30 years ago and has now found his way back home and lives in Frankfort.

Scot was pipe major of the Acadian Pipes & Drums of Ellsworth many years ago. I was a piper in that band and we had lots of fun times playing around Downeast Maine, including a gig on the QE2 on one of the grand ship’s visits to Bar Harbor.

Weekly quote

“The night is chill, the forest bare. Is that the wind that moaneth bleak? – Byron