From the town newsletter:

Ambulance services

Palermo currently receives ambulance services at no cost to our residents from a company based out of Waterville and Augusta. This distance results in substantial wait times in assisting our residents. Recently, this company has also reduced the number of vehicles in service on any given shift.

Palermo Fire Chief Roger Komandt, and the Select Board members have opened a dialog with Chief Gillespie of the Liberty Ambulance Service to explore contracting for their services (costs are being discussed). This move would provide three significant benefits for our residents: 1) Response times would be drastically reduced — and we all know every second counts in an emergency situation. 2) Three of Palermo’s service providers (one EMT and two paramedics) also work for Liberty Ambulance; however, under the current arrangement they are only allowed to work at the EMT level until Liberty arrives on scene. With Liberty Ambulance as our transport agency, the two Paramedics could immediately operate at the higher level of care under Liberty’s authority. 3) Liberty Ambulance would outfit our Palermo EMS providers with jump bags equipped with emergency medications and medical supplies. This would give our providers the ability to respond to emergencies from their homes in Palermo while Liberty’s ambulance is en route to the scene.

Palermo residents will have an important decision to make about whether to stay with our current provider or contract with Liberty Ambulance Service. To facilitate this decision, the Select Board will hold a public hearing (date to be determined) with Chiefs Komandt and Gillespie present to answer all your questions regarding proposed services and costs. Palermo residents will then cast their deciding vote at the town meeting on Saturday, March 12, 2022.