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Holiday hints

This can be a stressful time of year. It gets dark early and the ancient part of our brain wants us to hibernate. So while holiday activities here in Searsmont sound like a good idea, it can be a struggle doing them or doing much of anything. Be kind to yourself by getting enough sleep, going out in the sunlight when you can and practicing self-compassion when it all feels like too much. Or just hunker down and find a good book.

Town Office

You can take your holiday weeks’ trash to the transfer station on Sunday, Dec. 26, and Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022. Thank you, transfer station staff, for working both weekends.

December is the month to get dog licenses and register your snow machines and boats for 2022.

Winter cattails in a Searsmont ditch. Photo by Joyce Sirota

The selectmen have been working line by line on next year’s budget. Department heads will present in early February and a public hearing will take place in mid-February. Having attended several work sessions, we are impressed with how much detail Searsmont’s elected leaders and office staff know about town operations.

Town Library

The library will be closed Friday, Dec. 24, Saturday, Dec. 25, Friday, Dec. 31, and Saturday, Jan. 1. There are a lot of new books and movies in the collection and the holidays are a good time to pick one up.

Bits and pieces

We are saddened by the death of Dorothy Gresh, a great lover of music and all things opera. Our condolences to her husband Lou and her entire family. Our thoughts are also with Charlene Fyfe, whose father Steven Fyfe passed away in New York recently.

It’s not too late to get your year-end donation in the mail to Friends of the Searsmont Library (FOSL, P.O. Box 56, Searsmont ME 04973). Your gift says “thank you” for everything the library does for all Searsmonters.

We understand more speed limit signs may be going up in the spring when the state gives its OK. The signs in Searsmont seem to be more suggestions than limits, but at least the town is trying.

Did you hear the Tannerite shooting target explosions at the Lincolnville end of town recently? It’s legal but mighty loud, especially after dark, and it frightens dogs.

We thank every Searsmonter who has brightened the town with Christmas lights and wish all of our readers a very enjoyable, very merry season.