Hello All,

First of all, thanks to those folks contacting me about news articles to share with others. Wishing you all a happy merry Christmas!! Thanks to all the town news correspondents for your columns. Thankful for our town officials, and the plowing crew. Good job done. Not much snow yet, but they are on the job sanding and keeping the roads safer.


Dogs need to be licensed by Dec. 31. Have a current rabies vaccination. A late fee of $25 will be charged starting Feb. 1, 2022. Also those dreaded property taxes are due.

Merry Christmas!

Hello to the guys, you know who you are.

Update on Little Reagan 

Our  little great- granddaughter had her MRI, and her mom says that it was stable. No growth or change in tumor and areas of improvement from last scan. That was great news to her family.

Until next time,

Merry Christmas, everyone!!  Be safe and be kind.




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