There were a bundle of Midcoast weekend warriors on the hardwood Friday and Saturday, Dec. 17-18, each in search of early-season high school basketball victories.

On the boys side, Mount View of Thorndike earned a home win over Medomak Valley of Waldoboro, while Belfast, Searsport and Vinalhaven came up short in games against Winslow, George Stevens Academy of Blue Hill and Valley of Bingham.

Mount View’s Hannah Coolen, front, and Medomak Valley’s Addison McCormick. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

On the girls side, Oceanside and Medomak Valley earned victories, while the Belfast, Searsport and Vinalhaven were dealt losses.

The following is a recap of reported results:


Mount View 62, Medomak Valley 49

At Thorndike Dec. 17, the Mustangs used a 21-11 second-quarter run to gallop past the visiting Panthers. Medomak Valley led 14-10 after the first quarter, while Mount View rallied to take a 31-25 lead at halftime and 47-39 advantage after three quarters.

The Mustangs had four players in double-figures and were led by Wyatt Evensen with 15 points, while Draedyn Furrow and Declan Knowlton added 14; Tyler Russell, 11; and Noah Hurd, eight.

Trevor Brown scored 14 points to pace the Panthers, while Pat McKenney added 13; Jake Bickmore, six; Kevin Sincyr, five; Kory Donlin, four; and Matt Holbrook and Finn Parmley, three.

Mount View netted 9-of-11 (81 percent) from the foul line, while Medomak Valley was 9-of-13 (69 percent).

Winslow 64, Belfast 42

At Winslow Dec. 17, the Black Raiders busted out of the gate early and collected a road win over the Lions. Winslow led 19-9, 45-17 and 60-33 at the quarter breaks.

Andrew Abelon scored 14 points to lead the Lions, while James Ritter added 12; Zepherin Leppanen, six; K.J. Payson, five; Elias Higgins, three; and Rico Washington, two.

Jason Reynolds poured in 26 points for the Black Raiders, while Andrew Poulin added 18; Nick Girard, seven; Tyler Brockway, four; Evan Bourget, three; Lucas Boucher, two; and Matt Quirion, one.

Belfast was 4-of-4 (100 percent) from the charity stripe, while Winslow was 12-of-14 (86 percent).

George Stevens Academy 62, Searsport 46

At Blue Hill Dec. 18, the Eagles pulled away from the Vikings in the second half and netted the victory. GSA led 11-7, 25-17 and 45-26 at the quarter breaks.

Josh Wright poured in 28 points for Searsport, while Chase Brassbridge added 13; Ashton Ellis, three; and Sean Paige, two.

David Gadsby tossed in 25 points for GSA, while Dexter Brown added 14; Azaiam Nanson, 11; Harrison Walden, seven; Bryce Schneider, three; and Patrick Dagan, two.

The Vikings netted 5-of-12 (42 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 7-of-15 (47 percent).

Valley 76, Vinalhaven 45

At Bingham Dec. 18, the Cavaliers bested the visiting Vikings. Valley led 23-10, 49-24 and 60-37 at the quarter breaks.

Kyle Grant scored 11 points for the islanders, while Robbie Swears and Sam Wentworth added 10; Joe Lazaro and Lincoln Dennison, four; and Colby Beverage and Von Jones, three.

Harry Louis scored 28 points for the Cavaliers, while Fisher Tewksbury added 22; Wallace Savoy, nine; Brodie Ricker, seven; and Tian Jacques, two.

Vinalhaven was 5-of-14 (36 percent) from the foul line, while Valley was 4-of-13 (31 percent).

Valley 62, Vinalhaven 34

At Bingham Dec. 17, the Cavaliers emerged victorious over the Vikings. Valley led 12-7, 31-20 and 52-27 at the quarter breaks.

Robbie Swears and Lincoln Dennison scored eight points for the islanders, while Joe Lazaro added seven; Kyle Grant, four; Sam Wentworth, three; and Colby Beverage and Tanner Lazaro, two.

Harry Louis pumped in 29 points for the Cavaliers, while Fisher Tewksbury added 18; Wallace Savoy, five; Brodie Ricker and Ryon West, three; and Tian Jacques and Jared Ricker, two.

Vinalhaven was 8-of-24 (33 percent) from the foul line, while Valley was 9-of-25 (36 percent).


Oceanside 63, Maranacook 46

At Readfield Dec. 17, the Mariners continued their hot, unbeaten start to the campaign with a road win over the Black Bears. Oceanside led 23-8, 35-26 and 52-32 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen led the Mariners with 18 points, while Audrey Mackie added 16; Abby Waterman, 13; Anna Kingsbury, nine; Emily Sykes, six; and Ahlivia Morris, two.

Grace Dwyer paced the Black Bears with 14 points, while Ella Schmidt and Natalie Mohlar added 10; Eliza Pattershall, six; and Allie Labelle and Kaleigh Kubecki, three.

Oceanside was 5-of-9 (56 percent) from the foul line, while Maranacook was 10-of-20 (50 percent).

Medomak Valley’s Katherine McKenney. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Medomak Valley 43, Mount View 19

At Waldoboro Dec. 17, the Panthers held the Mustangs scoreless in the third stanza and rolled past the visitors. Medomak Valley led 7-5, 24-12 and 34-12 at the quarter breaks.

Kytana Williamson and Addison McCormick scored 10 points to key the winners, while Alyssa Creamer added eight; Maya Cannon, six; Katherine McKenney, three; and Autumn Ripley, Chelsea Sykes and Baylee Stewart two. Cannon also ripped down 12 rebounds and Creamer contributed seven rebounds, four assists and four steals.

Medomak Valley’s Alyssa Creamer, right, and Mount View’s Syd Vogel. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Hannah Coolen and Kricket Thompson scored six points for Mount View, while Kayleigh Dunton added four; Arianna Bradeen, two; and Sydney Vogel, one. Vogel and Thompson chipped in eight rebounds, while Coolen, Bradeen and Savannah Lorenz added five.

The Panthers were 4-of-5 (80 percent) from the foul line, while the Mustangs were 3-of-10 (30 percent).

George Stevens Academy 44, Searsport 30

At Blue Hill Dec. 18, the Eagles defended their home court with a triumph over the Vikings. GSA led 19-8, 27-13 and 35-19 at the quarter breaks.

Kyla Perkins and Julianna Sprague scored 12 points to lead Searsport, while Ariana Evans added three; Lily Nadeau, two; and Ellie Cahill, one.

Alexon Astbury scored 19 points for GSA, while Ashley Emerson added 10; Jasmine Emerson, five; Amelia Jackson, four; Emily Hutchinson, three; Amanda Dorr, two; and Alyssa Ladd, one.

The Vikings were 5-of-11 (45 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 7-of-14 (50 percent).

Valley 64, Vinalhaven 23

At Bingham Dec. 18, the Cavaliers pounced on the islanders early and prevailed by 41 points. Valley led 26-8, 43-12 and 51-12 at the quarter breaks.

Myra Mills scored 10 points for Vinalhaven, while Maddie Miller added six; Kailyn Hufsey, three; and Adele Wadsworth and Lydia Wadsworth, two.

Madeline Hill keyed Valley with 17 points, while Brielle Hill added 14; Kirsten Bigalow, 10; Emily Collins and RyLee Clark, six; Surata Wright, five; Kamryn Cool, four; and Savanah Farmer, two.

The Vikings were 6-of-17 (35 percent) from the foul line, while the Cavaliers were 1-of-9 (11 percent).

Valley 91, Vinalhaven 10

At Bingham Dec. 18, the Cavaliers went on the offensive in a significant way in the first quarter — and held the islanders off the scoreboard — en route to a lopsided win. Valley led 28-0, 43-5 and 73-9 at the quarter breaks.

Myra Mills scored seven points for Vinalhaven, while Kailyn Hufsey, Maddie Miller and Adele Wadsworth added one.

Brielle Hill poured in 31 points for Valley, while Madeline Hill added 16; Kirsten Bigalow, 11; Surata Wright, 10; Emily Collins, seven; Kara Bigalow and Kamryn Cool, five; RyLee Clark, three; and Sana Mino, two.

The Vikings were 3-of-9 (33 percent) from the foul line, while the Cavaliers were 14-of-23 (61 percent).

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