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Bound to happen in 2022

One of our accurate 2021 predictions was that the year saw almost all our family, neighbors and friends healthy and safe. The Red Sox and Patriots entertained (the Bruins and Celtics not so much), the new generator worked, the roads were cleared after storms, repaired, plowed and sanded. And we didn’t keep all the pandemic pounds off.

For the coming year, here is what we think will happen in Searsmont and beyond …

The electricity will go out, and CMP will text to let us know an hour later and again two hours after it comes back on. Folks will get used to using stickers on their trash bags and will not miss the ones with the tie-straps that never worked.

There will be progress in expanding high-speed broadband in town by fiber or wireless service, but not as fast as most Searsmonters would like. Maybe in 2023? The selectmen will figure out how to spend more than $150,000 in ARPA federal  and county money, and commissioners will have a tougher time deciding how to spend millions of dollars when they have mostly been running Waldo County jails. We will not predict that they will spend money to upgrade Searsmont’s emergency vehicles, which they should.

There will be two more COVID-19 variants in 2022 and some people still will not wear masks indoors. Town meeting will be held in April, but may be postponed at least once. The schools will remain open most of the time, but we can’t say the same for the Canadian border.

Finally, the days will get longer and then shorter, the snow will fall and then melt, Searsmont will deal with a brief mud season and much-too-long brown-tail moth and tick and black fly seasons. There will be a Memorial Day parade, Fourth of July fireworks, summer birds and fall color in the trees, the glory of daffodils and lupines and roses and peonies and asters.

And we will be glad we live in Searsmont.

We wish every one of you a joyous and fulfilling new year. Enjoy each day knowing you live here in one of the most beautiful places we know. May each of you stay happy and well.

Town Library

Searsmont’s library will be closed Friday, Dec. 31, and Saturday, Jan. 1. The new year will begin with more safety protocols in place. And the library director gives a tip o’ the cap to Santa (in the form of the Maine State Library) which used ARPA grant money to provide two new public access computers that can handle speeds of 600 megabits per second. Wicked fast!