BELFAST — Eleven courses are being offered by Belfast Senior College between January and March, and registration is now open for morning, afternoon and evening classes. The semester kicks off Tuesday, Dec. 28, at 10 a.m. with “Winterim Wonderland,” a free one-hour Zoom presentation hosted by veteran Senior College presenter and Curriculum Committee Chair Deirdre Good.

Courses begin Wednesday, Jan. 12, with Peter Reilly’s history of the Manhattan Project and ends with a four-week hands-on field course in “Making Maple” that starts Feb. 17.

In between, Belfast Senior College offers courses that include Belfast’s Hidden Prehistory, led by Steve Hutchings; Planning Belfast, led by Belfast City Councilor Mike Hurley,; Searsport’s Seagoing Families, introduced by Penobscot Marine Museum curator Cipperly Good; and classes on Roman history, investigative reporting and Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

A complete list of winter semester courses, along with online membership and class registration, is available at

“We are very excited about this winter semester,” said Nancy Perkins, president of Senior College’s board of trustees. “This marks 20 years that the program has provided stimulation, knowledge, social interaction and fun for people age 50 and up. Members’ spouses and partners of any age (are) also welcome to become members, membership and course fees are low on purpose, and scholarships are available.”

University of Maine Hutchinson Center provides Zoom services for Senior College, which is an independent, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. Its spring semester begins in April, the summer semester takes place in June, July and August, and the fall semester begins in September.

The membership fee for the full year is $25 and course fees are $27 or $37. All classes except field courses are available by Zoom. Course attendees new to Zoom can receive help from Senior College class hosts.



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