Seeking an update from Spectrum

I have read numerous articles about Spectrum bringing cable service to Swanville. I have seen the crews running the cable along Swan Lake Avenue but cannot get any information out of Spectrum as to when it will be possible to order service. I would think that Spectrum would be keeping the public informed so as to begin recouping costs as soon as possible

Thomas Doe


Tipping their hand?

On Dec. 23, Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey lodged an official complaint against Nordic Aquafarms and the city of Belfast in a lawsuit filed against Nordic and the city for allegedly attempting to seize a conservation easement by eminent domain without following proper legal procedure.

This is all wonderfully amusing because the Attorney General’s Office might never have known of the city-Nordic plan if city attorney Bill Kelly hadn’t sent a July 13, 2021, letter to Assistant Attorney General Lauren Parker asking whether the AG’s Office might kindly stand aside and look while Nordic and the city carry out their intentions.

Lawrence Reichard


Vitamin D can boost immune system

We’ve grieved many losses due to COVID-19, especially among our family and friends who are most vulnerable to serious illness. This group consists of persons with conditions that compromise their immune systems (including normal aging, chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma, disabilities, and cancer treatment).  Although the state of our immune systems is critical to our susceptibility to serious complications of COVID-19, we rarely hear about how we can best optimize our immune systems.

Research points to a great place to start strengthening our immune systems — optimizing our levels of Vitamin D3. People with low D3 levels at the onset of COVID-19 symptoms requiring hospitalization have worse outcomes. Conversely, those with higher D3 levels do much better. To see more detail, search among frequent YouTube videos (including on vitamin D3 and COVID-19) by the United Kingdom’s John Campbell, MD, or check out the GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute (whose mission is “moving public health messages regarding vitamin D from research into practice”) at

Building our immune systems is one more layer of protection that we have the power to influence in addition to the familiar CDC recommendations of “vaccination, wearing a mask, social distancing and practicing hand hygiene.”

Bob Kohl